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PlayStation 2 CheatBook v1.o

PlayStation 2 CheatBook is a freeware program for storing, viewing, and editing cheat files for your Playstation 2 favorite games. 
It works with text or document files, providing a simple directory navigation tree, file selector, and viewing window. 
It comes with a selection of recent cheats and hints for new PS2 Games. 
You can edit these cheats directly; use the Save Text option to save them under the same or a different name.
To add a new cheat, use the New Text option then Save Text. Once you've done that, you'll have to navigate away from the cheats folder then return to update the displayed list of 

(For Win95/982000/NT)(Install/Uninstall) -[Freeware]- (372kb)

PlayStation 2 CheatBook v1.o

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