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Riven Cheats & Hints


Submitted by. David K

Gate Room:
To get to Gehn's world, you must be able to solve the Gate Room puzzlefirst. 
To solve this hard puzzle you first must click 4 times on thebutton in front of 
the gate room. Then go to the locked gate by going left when you are looking at 
the bridge. Even though the gate is locked, you can get past it by going under it. 
Go forward and you will see the gate room and another passage area. When you get 
to the switch, turn it on and turn around. Go forward until you see a lever and 
another button. First pull down the lever then press the button 2 times. 
Go forward to the other passage and do the same thing again. Go forward to the 
next passage and press the button 2 times again. This time when you press the 
button 2 times, the gate is open and you can get to the fire marble dome. 

Sky High: 
While you are on Jungle Island, go into the jungle. Take the elevator up to the 
'second' floor of the jungle and start walking up towards the control throne past 
the dome. Up about the middle of the stairs leading to the control throne, turn 
around and face the dome. To your left, down on the path underneath, you can see 
some lights by the side of the road. Click on the lamp farthest away from the dome 
to see the last Easter Egg.
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