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Resident Evil Cheats & Hints

Resident Evil

Rocket launcher: 
Finish the game in under three hours without rescuing anyone. If done 
correctly, a rocket will appear after the credits. Save the game. Then,
start the game that was just saved and the rocket launcher with infinite
ammunition will be available. 
Note: The rocket launcher does not shoot well upwards or downwards.

Alternate clothes: 
Rescue the other two players and finish the game. If done correctly, the
phrase "You've got the special key" will appear after the credits. Save 
the game. Start the game that was just saved. Enter the room with the 
large mirror on the second floor of the mansion. Unlock the door in the
back. Enter the closet and move all the way to the end of the rack of 
clothes. Then, a message asking "There is an outfit that fits you perfectly,
do you want to put it on?" will appear. Now select "Yes" to change your 
character's clothes.

Special Jill Cheat:
Start the game as Jill save the game in the first slot and edit it with 
your favorite hex editor. Move at offset 032C in the file (the first slot
free after you get the 3 ink ribbons) and enter two bytes: 38 01. This 
gives you the closet key. Exit and reload the saved game. Go straight in
the closet (from the main room of the mansion take the narrow door on the
right wing, enter the room with the mirror, then proceed in the corridor,
open the door and enter the room with the large mirror: right to the 
mirrors there's a door; now you can open it with this key). Go to the 
right end of the room and search for the suits. Jill will change her 

These are the pure Hex Codes for Resident Evil.
To cheat Resident Evil you must open your savedat1.dat file in your saves

Find line 00000320 and search for all the 0000 and then add these for 
your cheats: 

HexCode - Item
00FF - Nothing
01FF - Combat Knife
02FF - Beretta w/127
03FF - Shotgun w/127
04FF - DumDum Colt
05FF - Colt Python
06FF - FlameThrower
07FF - Bazooka w/127 Acid
08FF - Bazooka w/127 Explosive
09FF - Bazooka w/127 Flame
0AFF - Rocket Launcher
0BFF - Clip w/255
0CFF - Shells w/255
0DFF - DumDum Rounds
0EFF - Magnum Rounds
0FFF - FlameThrower Fuel w/255
10FF - Explosive Rounds w/255
11FF - Acid Rounds w/255
12FF - Flame Rounds w/255
13FF - Empty Bottle
14FF - Water
15FF - Umb No. 2
16FF - Umb No. 4
17FF - Umb No. 7
18FF - Umb No. 13
19FF - Yellow 6
1AFF - NP-003
1BFF - V-Jolt
1CFF - Broken Shotgun
1DFF - Square Crank
1EFF - Hex Crank
1FFF - Wood Emblem
20FF - Gold Emblem
21FF - Blue Jewel
22FF - Red Jewel
23FF - Music Notes
24FF - Wolf Medal
25FF - Eagle Medal
26FF - Chemical
27FF - Battery
28FF - MO Disk
29FF - Wind Crest
2AFF - Flare
2BFF - Slides
2CFF - Moon Crest
2DFF - Star Crest
2EFF - Sun Crest
2FFF - Ink Ribbon w/255
30FF - Lighter
31FF - Lock Pick
32FF - Nameless (Can of Oil)
33FF - Sword Key
34FF - Armor Key
35FF - Sheild Key
36FF - Helmet Key
37FF - Lab Key (1)
38FF - Special Key
39FF - Dorm Key (002)
3AFF - Dorm Key (003)
3BFF - C. Room Key
3CFF - Lab Key (2)
3DFF - Small Key
3EFF - Red Book
3FFF - Doom Book (2)
40FF - Doom Book (1)
41FF - F-Aid Spray
42FF - Serum
43FF - Red Herb
44FF - Green Herb
45FF - Blue Herb
46FF - Mixed (Red+Green)
47FF - Mixed (2 Green)
38FF - Mixed (Blue + Green)
49FF - Mixed (All)
4AFF - Mixed (Silver Color)
4BFF - Mixed (Bright Blue-Green)
6FFF - Uzi w/ Infinity
70FF - Mini Mi w/ Infinity 

Unlimited Ammo:
Submitted by: arun prakash

Press down down down, up down and right.

Killing Plant 42:
Chris can save ammunition when fighting Plant 42 by using the combat knife. 
Only about a dozen hits with the knife are needed to kill it.

Logging onto the computer:
To log in to the computer in the lab, and unlock the areas B1 and B2, 
use the following passwords. 

1st: John
2nd: Ada
3rd: Mole

New Clothes for Both Characters:
Locate and take the three M.O. Disks in the Mansion, Tunnels, and Labratory. Don't 
let Barry die because you need him to do this trick. Now, rescue Chris after beating 
the Tyrant the first time. Then go get the battery and place it where it was ripped 
out. Next, when you get to the Heliport get the flare and shoot it. Brad will come. 
Then the Tyrant will crash through the floor. Shoot him at least ten times then 
Brad will drop a rocket launcher. Get it and blow the Tyrant up with it. 
When credits are done it should show the door in the mansion that you could not open 
with any key. On the screen it should say "You have recieved a special key. 
Locate the locked door."

Save Some Ammo:
When playing as Jill the first Zombie you come to is in the corridor over Kenneth's 
body. As soon as the Zombie starts coming at you, run into the dinning room where 
Barry is. Barry will ask what's wrong, and then kill the approaching Zombie. 
This will save you a few rounds of valuable ammunition.

Herb mixtures:
Note: You cannot mix more than one Blue or Red Herb in a mixture, and you cannot 
add a Red Herb or Blue Herb to two Green Herbs already mixed together

Green: Heals 25% of health 
Green + Green: Heals 60% of health or randomly heals 8% (Danger only) 
Green + Green + Green: Heals 100% of health 
Green + Red: Heals 100% of health 
Green + Blue: Heals 25% health and heals poison, or randomly restore 40% (Danger only)
Green + Green + Blue: Heals 60% health and heals poison, or randomly heal 80% (Danger only)
Green + Red + Blue: Heals 100% health and heals poison
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