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Prince of Qin Cheats & Hints

Prince of Qin

Multiplayer Prince of Qin Savegame Hex Edit(Level/Experience and Money):
Submitted by: Vincent

1) Copy \system\netuser\Player_xx.use to 0.use
2) start the game and drop some money, e.g. 20 Gold
3) Save and exit the game
4) Copy \system\netuser\Player_xx.use to 1.use
5) Start command prompt and perform a file compare, c:\>FC /B 0.use 1.use
6) Notice the output, check both output which had different of 20 in value.
7) Remember the Offset of the file where the exact (e.g. 20) different occur.
8) Use hex editor, edit 1.use, goto the hex offset where the different occur.
9) Change the value to slightly higher.
   e.g. (You spot the different at offset D8h)

Offset: D8h D9h DAh DBh
Value: 12 34 56 78
Change the value to "12 (ff) 56 78". (You may change the value at 56 78 but 
game might crash)

10) Save changes.
11) Backup player_xx.use file and rename 1.use to player_xx.use
12) Start the game and verify that your money value had change.

13) Repeat step above if you more than one offset having the same different.

(Note: Remember that the value show in File Compare utility is in Hex, 
covert e.g. 20 to Hex before calculate)

Change the Experience Value:
Let say you spot the money hex offset at D8H in the savegame file.

File Offset Hex Value
C8H AA BB CC DD (Experience)
CCH ?? ?? ?? ?? (Something related to Experience, ignore this)
D0H WW XX YY ZZ (Experience)
D4H ?? ?? ?? ??
D8H 12 34 56 78 (Money)

14) Hex edit the savegame file. Goto offset as example above.
15) Try increase the value of DD and ZZ by 1. Than the savegame file. 
    (Remember to backup original)
16) Load the savegame and go kill some enemy.
17) Your character will be upgraded after killing one enemy.
18) Then play arrond by increase the value of DD and ZZ "slowly", 
    otherwise the savegame will crash.

Enjoy put your character to Level 80+....

You can customice you own equipment (bracers,helmet,rings,armor,boots and belt)
included element and their speciallty.This is only work with Paladin player.
Make sure Art of Forging point is up, all the requirement are set, then press b,
press make-things, decided what you'll gonna make, then create it. 
But don't move the item in the gem-inlay to the iventory yet. 

This is the trick.
Just say you create a ring. You have put 1 ore and 1 bones to make it. After done,
delete the name of the rings, then press the make-things (it should be inform that
you'll have to input name on the rings). 

Now, choose the ring icon | rings. Now insert any good ore or bone to the box. Then
automatically will add a new speciallty to the ring. This is work with any equipment
as long you don't move it to the inventory(multiplayer or single player mode).

But, note this; don't do this trick so often. Because if you played a multiplayer, 
it will broke down the connection from the server. And if you played in single 
player, the game will be terminated.

Submitted by: ralph

An easy way to get experience points and those animal parts with
the good modifiers is to do the following. 

1. turn off "auto pause when enemy encountered."
2. use manual weapons for all your characters (ie no magic) that do not 
   require ammo
3. assign each npc and Fu Su to their own sector where creatures that each 
   can defeat single handedly will spawn.
4. turn off your monitor and go to school, work, the movies, or whatever.
5. when you return to the game, pick up all the loose animal parts on the 
   ground, save the ones with the good modifiers; make necklaces, rings, 
   helmets, etc from the rest and sell them. 
6. repeat every time you're away from the game for any extended period.

This is a good way of getting money, leveling up, and getting those rare 
creature parts without much effort. Ralph.

Submitted by:Luka Zrno

While plaing game in multiplayer when you colect lot of gold and another good
things then save the game and drop oll of yours things to another player and 
then quit game with [Alt]+F4 than load your game and you will have oll of the 
things and the person you give the things will hawe them too.

Getting Zhao Qian:
Play the game until Chapter 2, then go back to the place you began at, Zhaocun 
Village. Zhao Qian, a hunter, a woodsman, and Qin Soldiers will be there. The Qin
Soldiers are destroying the village because Fu Su was there. When the intermission
sequence ends, you will have to fight. Note: If you have a Muscleman (preferably 
Kong Gang), Wizard (preferably Liao Yi), and a Witch (preferably Chunyu Qiu) in 
your party, this fight will be easier. Have your Muscleman and Fu Su take out the
close combat soldiers and have your Wizard have Cure Diseases set to the right-
click. When your Muscleman and Fu Su or anyone else gets hurt badly, you can heal
them. Also have your Witch have Gold Worm Bite or any attack spell set to the 
right-click. Keep Zhao Qian alive; if she dies you cannot get her on your team.
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