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Prince of Evil Cheats & Hints

Prince of Evil

Submitted by: rickHH

Level Hints!
Level 0 (main map?)
The bash'n run is the best strategy to use on this level. 
It is an easy level, just find a weird door in the side of 
the hill and enter it. (go south a ways, then head west)

Level 1
Try not to get lost!  Most of the teleports you first see 
go nowhere. The exit is found from a room you can teleport 
into that has ANOTHER teleport besides the one you teleported 
in via.

Boss 1
It's a dragon.  Kick-kick-kick...keep kick'n it's butt until 
it's dead. Quite a tough little bugger to kill.

Back Outside to Level 0
Walk around until you find another door in the hillside.  
Go into it. Be careful, the enemies outside have become more 
dangerous than when you were first outside in the fresh air.

Level 2
Help!  Dismembered giant heads! Demons! Egads! Run like Hell!!!!

Boss 2
A scorpion!  Watch out for that poisonous tail, it's a killer!  
A good strategy is to just stay on the left side of the screen 
and go up and down on the screen to avoid the strikes from it's 
deadly tail.

Boss 3
A guy in a flying chariot attacks you from the air and throws 
disks at you. Avoid him and the disks. Disks may be destroyed by 
shooting them.

Boss 4
Holly conniptions!  Killer frogs!  These deadly frogs launch 
multiple spinning eyeballs at you. Also be careful to avoid it's 
deadly tongue, and it's earthquake-jump which can knock you off 
your feet and cause damage.

Boss 5
This boss creature is a deadly centipede. Be careful of the 
exploding bombs that it drops. The best strategy is to avoid the 
centipede's deadly front pincers and shoot the sides of the centipede.  
After a couple million shots a segment of the centipede will be 
removed.  Remove all the segments to exit this boss level. 
Tip: as the centipede gets smaller it is more maneuverable, but 
you can sometimes trick it to go away from you momentarily
so that you have a brief period of time to it's sides.

Boss 6
This boss creature is the most deadly creature known to man.  
That's right folks, it's a girl with a brain. :)  Seriously, 
in this level a face of a Lady follows you around the screen. 
Don't get hit, and avoid the butterfly-like objects she shoots 
at you. Careful, sometimes she will teleport so be alert.

I'm pretty sure this is the final level...You fight a mega 
devil/dragon figure, and a smaller devil/dragon at the same time.  
Your going to be in for a LONG battle with this sucker.
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