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Pod Cheats & Hints


Cheat codes:
Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Effect            Screen        Code 	
Damages car       Game play       - holigan
Adjust difficult  Option menu     - valay
No collisions     Game play       - crash
Display map       Game play       - map
View car names    Game play       - label
Rear view mirror	Game play       - retro
Headlights        Game play       - night
Extra tracks      Track selection - speedster
Enhanced map      Game play       - [F9] + map
Alternate view    Game play       - e
Repair damage     Game play       - garage

Super car
At the settings options screen in single player mode, type "dural".

Extra tracks
At the track selection screen, type "speedster".

Adjust difficult and damage level
At the option menu, type "valay".

Small cars, large wheels
After the opening intro, type "metro".

While playing a game, enter one of the following codes:

holigan     Damages car  
crash       No collosions  
map         Display map  
label       View other car names  
retro       Rear view mirror  
[F9] + map  Enhanced map  
garage      Repair damage

Type scrshots to enable the screenshot feature. Press [Alt] + [F12] to
save a raw format picture file in the game directory. The raw files may
be imported into a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop using settings
of 640x480, 4 channels, interlaced, 8 bits, and a 0 byte header. 

Reversed tracks:
Type mirror, then reload the game. The red "Reverse" button on the track
selection screen will allow tracks for all three modes to be reversed. 

Extra attribute points:
Type rocket at the settings options screen in single player or hotseat mode.
Leave the screen and re-enter to have 400 instead of 300 attribute points. 

View framerate:
Type raster or bonzai during game play, then press [Shift] + [Ctrl] + R to
view the frame rate. Press [Shift] + [Ctrl] + R again for more rendering 
information, and press [Shift] + [Ctrl] + R once more to return to normal.
Press [Shift] + [Ctrl] + S to view the game version.
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