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PlanetSide Cheats & Hints


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Free weapons:
Go to training mode and select "Shooting Range". When in the 
shooting range, select any weapon that you want while in your
armor. Next, go to "Favorites" and save inventory. Exit training
mode and go to terminal. Select "Favorites" and choose the 
inventory you saved. You should have your weapons.

Pulling vehicles out of the warpgate: 
If there is a vehicle inside the warpgate that has no driver, back 
up as far as you can in a vehicle. Ram the other vehicle at full 
speed. A glitch in the game will allow the vehicle to cling on to 
your vehicle.

Fire through an enemy warp gate: 
You need somebody to fly you over an enemy sanctuary warp gate. Then, 
bail. You cannot do this yourself because the game will not allow you 
to bail out of your own plane over a warp gate. You have to go slightly
to the side of the warp gate, to where the long metal part goes down 
(not too close or you will fall off). Look down and you can shoot 
inside of it. 

Gliding character:
At any time during the game, switch to the third person view of your 
character and start moving forward. While moving forward, double-tap 
forward again and your character should begin gliding. 
This may take a few attempts.

Good Weapons:
Good weapons include: 
* Thumper 
* Lancer 
* Rocket Launcher 
* BoltDriver

Here are some good attack vehicles: 



MAX's (Mechenized Assault eXosuit):
MAXs are very powerful armours capable of delivering a packing punch to 
whatever is in its trail. You get a weapon that attaches to 1 or 2 of 
your wrists. There are 3 types of MAXs for every empire. Anti-ground 
vehicle, Anti-air vehicle, and personnel and other MAX exterminating. 
Anti-vehicle MAX's missles lock onto the target and stay with it for a
long time. When it hits, it KILLs if you shot a full load of like 8. You
shoot a full load in about 5 seconds. The personnel and other MAX 
exterminating ones are Mchine guns 6 times as powerful as rifles and 
other machine guns. Well, there ya go.
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