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Pizza Tycoon Cheats & Hints

Pizza Tycoon

Cheat Codes:
Go to Market Research, press [Space], then click twice exactly on
the upper point of the arrow in the Charater Menu, then dial 4566345.

Cheat 2: (Bug?)
To get a lot of money from the banks without repaying it: Take out as
many loans as you can get and save your game as a character. Leave the
game, start the game again and this time with your character, do the 
same again a lot of times and you don't have to repay your loans.

Insurance Fraud: 
First take out liability insurance with an expensive insurance company.
Then commit a crime by buying some weapons in one of the joke shops. 
Pay the fine imposed by the police and claim your insurance do this a
few times and voila. 

Order weapons from terminal: 
Using a terminal, dial a joke store and ask for "ice cream". 
The flavors are actually aliases for weapons.

Ice Cream      Weapon
Chocolate      Poison
Lemon          Bombs
Strawberry     Bazookas
Vanilla        Flame throwers

Submitted by: Hot Laser

You can get money without going in the banks.

1.Choose your city
2.Press on the church
3.Then go to the telephones and press the first with the Brokers.
4.Press on the first number
5.Say you want to sell it.
6.He will make your money into ,,-"
7.Keep say you want to sell it and he will make your money in to ,,+"

Better Underworld rank:
Use a character with a lot of money. Phone the Joke Article Shop. 
Buy 1 lemon flavor ice-cream, then sell it. Repeat this approximately
15 times to get a better rank.

Buy a lot of "Ice Cream" and that will boost you, but make sure you 
use your "Ice Cream". After you get the "It's 9 p.m. and all the 
restaurants are closing" message, click on another person's pizza 
place. You will get an option to use any "Ice Cream" you may have. 
Once you use it, keep doing so and your status will keep increasing.

Easy money:
Begin a new game and choose a character. Take out as many loans as possible.
Then, save that character (not game). Exit the game without saving it. When 
you start a new game and can select a character, go to "Disk" and load the 
character you previously saved.
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