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Overlord - Raising Hell Cheats & Hints

Overlord - Raising Hell

No Loss Of Minions When Upgrading:
When Upgrading put you minions in and press forge just before the 
first minion jumps pause and quit saying yes to auto-save. Wait 
for the writing saying auto-saved to disappear then load your file. 
It should be upgraded with out loss of minions.(You can only do 
100 minions at a time otherwise some will die, and if after you 
quit you hear the noise that sounds like the plop of a minion 
falling in the smelter of you see one fall in you will lose that 
minion because the screen fades away after you quit it still 
goes on for about a second so be careful).

Skipping the First Troll:
On Legendary, the first troll is very hard and consumes alot of 
minions. There's an easy way to completely skip him (Make sure you 
have 10 minions): 
Head straight to the troll, and you'll get the cutscene of him getting
ready to face you. After that, send all of your minions to open the 
gate where the crane is, and rush there (the troll will probably kill 
a few of your minions as they open the gate, but that's better than 
wasting 20 - 40 minions trying to kill him and also, if the troll is 
blocking the path, simple lead him away and head through the gate). 
Once done, go to the crane and an autosave will occur. This is where 
the trick comes in: That autosave assumes you defeated the troll as 
you went further than you were suppose to, therefore, simply leave 
the area and come back, you'll find the troll has vanished as the 
game thinks he has been defeated.

Weapon And Armor Advice:
If using the Mace upgrade, speed and damage (knockback is useless, if 
they fall back they have time to recover and if fighting multiple enemies
your minions could chase after the enemy and leave you defenseless. Fire 
damage has no point if you have a fair amount of Reds) If using the sword
upgrade damage and a little speed to not leave yourself open. 
When upgrading armor focus on being well rounded, but not as much on the 
mana if you have mana regeneration. Try not to use the Axe.

Strong Minion Force:
Are you tired of the tedious task of filling your helmet with minions, if 
so then don't worry, I've got the answer. Lets start with 15 max minions 
try to use 10 brown and and 5 blue. 
20 max: use 10 brown, 5 red and 5 green or 5 of each. 
25 max: use 10 brown, 5 red, 5 green and 5 blue after that just try to 
use 10 of each or as high as you can get to that.

Easy Minion Souls:
Go to your dungeon and get out blues, reds, and browns/greens (your choice).
Select one of the types of beetles that you want to fight. Depending on which
soul you need, you must pick the beetle for that (blue or Dazzler, red for 
Magma, brown for Battler, or green for Puff). Enter the arena. Take all the
minions and place a marker. Move it all the way back up against the gate. Go
over to the beetles, but only to get one, two, or three. If you get too many,
lock on to one then back away quickly. The extra beetle will start to fall 
back, then stop. Let the others catch up, but not touch you. Run backwards 
until you reach your minions. The reds will already have its health down a 
small fraction, then the brown or green will start attacking. You will probably
have one or two minions die, so the blue will move in and heal them. 
Keep repeating that tactic. You will kill them all with a maximum loss of one
minion. However, you will gain about 50 to 75 Minion Souls.
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