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Overlord 2007 Cheats & Hints

Overlord 2007

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

When there is water in front of you or blocking your path, only you can 
walk through it. If your goblin minions go out of the shallow end of the 
water they will drown, and can only be saved by blue goblins. Instead of 
guiding your goblin minions across a complex path to keep out of the 
water (which they usually fall in anyway and drown), simply walk through 
the water. 
Your minions are smart enough not to follow you and will automatically 
seek the easiest path to get back to you. Be careful; sometimes your 
minions cannot get through because a bridge needs to be activated 
(for example, Blue Goblin Cave).

Easy soul gathering:
In order to do this you must have fought Dazzler Beetles (found in the 
blue minion cave), Puff Beetles (Evernight), Magma Beetles (outside of 
Heavens Peak) and Battler Beetles. After you have fought at least one of each, 
they will be available at your dungeon. Go to your dungeon and choose to fight 
one of the four. The easiest way to take out the horde of beetles is to pull 
only a few from the swarm and take your time killing them individually. Green 
minions work well due to the fact that they are experts at overwhelming and 
killing your enemies. Set a marker for them to wait at and they will eventually 
turn invisible. Pull a few beetles and make them follow you to the marker, 
where your minions will then jump on them and eventually kill them. 
Battler Beetles are good for getting Brown souls. Puff Beetles are good for 
getting Green souls. Magma Beetles give red souls and Dazzler beetles give 
blue souls. You should get at least 75 souls each time you completely kill 
all of the beetles that are in the dungeon.

Easy soul gathering 2:
Use the following trick for fast green minion soul gathering. When you find the 
green minion hive you will see five green minions jump into the spawning pit for 
you to take control of. Do not do that. Instead, go to the tower using the gate 
beside the tree spawn pits to your right, then return to the green minion hive. 
Five more green minions will jump into the spawn pit and you will still have the 
ones from before. You can do this as many times as desired, but after you take 
the hive it will no longer work.

Easy max imbued gear:
Forge a piece of gear without imbuing anything into it. Then, upgrade it and put
as many minions into it as desired. As soon as the animation starts, but before 
any minions jump into the smelter, pause the game, save, and exit. When you 
return, the minions will have been imbued, but will not have been taken from your

Poor Overlord's Power-up:
If you died recently and your minions are weakened, go to either Halfling Homes 
or the village of Spree, and break all the objects for new weapons and armor. 
This is no substitute for actually upgrading your minions, but it works at the 
start of the game!

Guard duty:
Always have blue minions on guard duty. While on a guard post, they will 
actively run into the combat, grab a fallen peer, and drag their half 
conscious form over to you so they can revive their fallen comrade. 
However, while not assigned, they will wait for you to micromanage them 
over to the body by sweeping, making them almost useless in a large battle.

Dungeon Force: 
When lifeforce is harder to come by with the advance smelters, visit the tower 
dungeon and use the staged fights to earn lifeforce. A mix of minions will let 
you set ambushes and revive any losses. The only downside are that your have no 
spells to use.

Easy Rollie Boss battle:
Target-lock onto Rollie and start to circle him while he prepares attacks. 
After he attacks you should be able to get directly behind him while he pauses 
and circle up to his side. Stand against the tank treads on his side and start 
hacking away at him. He will not move or try to attack you. You can defeat him 
in each phase of his battle this way and it requires no minions to do so.

Master and Minion Multitude Achievements: 
The best way to unlock the Minion Multitude Achievement is to visit the Dungeon 
with an ultimately imbued Arcanium Sword and Armor. 
For the weapon, don't balance out your minion sacrifices so that you get a little bit 
of everything and instead focus on increasing the damage (brown minions) and just a 
little of the green minions to do massive damage with the power blow. 
For the armor, don't balance out your minion sacrifices so that you get a little bit 
of everything and instead focus on increasing the defence (brown minions) and just a 
little of the green minions to regenerate life slowly (about 5 to 10%). 
Don't take any minions with you and when you go into the dungeon and approach each 
group of enemies slowly so that you face only a few at a time. This way if your health 
gets low you can run away for a bit and regenerate.

Unlimited gold:
When you are in Evernight-swamp, go near to waterfall with the blue minions. Send 
them into the waterfall and they will return with gold. Wait for a short amount of 
time and send them again. They will return with more gold. You can do this at any 
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