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Outbreak Cheats & Hints


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54 

Press ~ during game play, then enter one of the following codes to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: High scores are 
disabled when cheats are enabled. 

Effect                       Code
Next weapon level          - cheat nextweapon
Previous weapon level      - cheat previousweapon
Super shield               - cheat supershieldon
Super shield disabled      - cheat supershieldoff
Super attack               - cheat superattackon
Super attack disabled      - cheat superattackoff
Anti bonuses disabled      - cheat noantibonuson
Anti bonuses enabled       - cheat noantibonusoff
Set weapon level to 15     - cheat maxweapon
Toggle sound               - sound [on or off]
Toggle frame rate display  - fps [on or off]
Toggle dialogue speed      - fastdialog [on or off]
Toggle explosions          - explosions [on or off]
Toggle debris              - debris [on or off]
Reload graphics            - renew
Display version number     - author
Display registration code  - regcode
Display current pilot name - pilotname
Disable all cheats         - cheat alloff

Cheat mode:
While playing, press the Tilde key, right under ESC and type in
the cheat. Note: If you use cheat codes, you will not enter to 
the high scores table 

Cheat            Result
ALLOFF         - All cheat codes is disabled 
MOREENERGYON   - Now every destroyed space ship gives you 
                 50 energy. 
MOREENERGYOFF  - Now every destroyed spaceship gives you 
                1/10 of its energy. 
NEXTWEAPON     - Next weapon level. 
PREVIOUSWEAPON - Previous weapon level. 
MAXWEAPON      - Maximum weapon level (15). 
NOANTIBONUSON  - Anti bonuses is disabled. 
NOANTIBONUSOFF - Anti bonuses is enabled. 
SUPERSHIELDON  - Now you have super shield. 
SUPERSHIELDOFF - Now you have normal shield. 
SUPERATTACKON  - Now all weapons have the super strength. 
SUPERATTACKOFF - Now all your weapons have the normal strength.
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