- Need for Speed 4 - High Stakes Game Cheats and Hints

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Need for Speed 4 - High Stakes Cheats & Hints

Need for Speed 4 - High Stakes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Robin van Olst 

When you press the code "resetya" and you start the race, you can reset
all the other cars on the track by horning. The cheat "outmyway" is the
same, but  then you let the tires of the other cars explode.
Note: Don't use them both at the same, or else only the resetya-code works.

Submitted by: SCHUMIESA

There is a cheat enabler which you have to download you will see it mentioned
in the other cheat entries for this game. After you have downloaded this file
and unzipped it extract "config.dat" to all the folders you want to unlock. I
know the other entries say you must save it into your game directory and then
type the cheats in at the main menu, this is crap I have tried it and it does
not work do as I have told you. If you still did not unlock the tracks or cars
you wanted extract the file "config.dat" into every single Need for Speed: 
High Stakes folder. Now load the game and have fun, just watch out it may reset
your settings for the game. If you enter Single Player Arcade and your name is
"Prozac" you have unlocked all the cars and tracks in the game. Enjoy!!!!!!

Type these codes anywhere in the Main Menu:
Note: You may have to download this updated config.dat file before these cheats
will work on your system.
Submitted by:Ea Ytsma

Type these codes anywhere in the Main Menu:

Code        Result 
TP 00-15 - Drive As Traffic Cars
GOFAST   - Upgrade Engine
MONKEY   - Upgrade Automatic Transmission
MOON     - Low Gravity
MADLAND  - Super Human Opponents
HOTROD   . Be titan(Verry funny)
FLASH    . Phatom car.
WHIRLY   . Now you are a helicopter.
NFS_PD   . Extra police car.

If you want more cars go to

Code    Result
BUY       - Free Purchase 
UP0       - No Upgrades 
UP1       - First Upgrade 
UP2       - 2nd Upgrade 
UP3       - 3rd Upgrade 
GATES     - Cash Increase 
ALLCARS   . Now you have all the cars!
ALLTRACKS . You have all the tracks!
MONKEY    . Gearbox foster.
GATES     . Exta Money.
BUY       . Cars for free.

Code       Result 
DCOP  - Bonus Hot Pursuit Car 
ECOP  - Bonus Hot Pursuit Car 
FCOP  - Bonus Hot Pursuit Car 

Code          Result 
ACAR      - Bonus Car 
BCAR      - Bonus Car 
CCAR      - Bonus Car 
CARS      - All Cars 
TRACKS    - All Tracks 
ALLTIERS  - Open All Tiers 
OUTMYWAY  - Unknown 
RESETYA   - Unknown 

Sumbitted by: Aniket Tendolkar

Tip 8:
Never begin to accelerate at before the race begins. When the last red light
is about to go off, then only accelerate and you will get acceleration just
as the computer cars do.

Tip 7:
When the race is over, just watch the replay of the computer cars. You wil 
learn a lot from them!

Tip 6: 
Truly worthwhile shortcuts are few and far between. If winning is your priority,
spend your time perfecting racing lines on the track and stay clear of reckless 

Tip: 5
It takes some time to get in the distinctive Need for Speed groove. This is 
especially important for multiplayer games. You may leave the game overnight
after a long and successful stint only to come back in the morning and play 
like a rookie. Play the game for at least half an hour before attempting any
multiplayer High Stakes duel, where losing the game means losing your car. 

Tip: 4
Successful High Stakes cornering is a specialized discipline. You really 
shouldn't worry about slowing well in advance of a turn. Instead, go in 
fairly hot, hit the brakes with extreme force for just a moment or two while
you begin to crank the wheel, and get right back on throttle again and power

Tip: 3
High Stakes cars respond well to torque. In other words, really work that 
gearshift to keep engine RPM in the optimum range--just over the redline. 
If you select an automatic tranny you will feel the ignominy of last place. 

Tip: 2
Take a car with good grip and snappy handling over a high-speed monster any
day. Of course, a top-of-the-line McLaren with full upgrades is always 
preferable to a stock Firebird. But if money is an issue, you can feel safe
with a nicely upgraded B-level model in a field of A-level cars, especially
on the more technical circuits. 

Tip: 1
Fog, tire smoke, and dirt clouds can obliterate vision and slow the frame 
rate. Switch them off. 

Use any HEX editor to edit the file called PLAYERS.CDB which is located in
the installed directory of Need for Speed 4 : High Stakes.

Normally the PLAYERS.CDB file is located in: 
"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\
Need For Speed High Stakes\SaveData\DB"

Then go to offset 3E and put FF as HEX value.
Go to offset 3F and put 55 as the HEX value.

Now you'll get more than $3500000000! 

'Click the photo' mini-game:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Choose 'Credits' and change the display from text to photographs. Now 
quickly click on the pictures as they scroll by until the mini-game starts.

Submitted by: Amit argal and sunny argal

* Titan Hotrod
Enter Hotrod as a name to unlock all cars in test drive and versus 
modes. The phrase "Cheat Activated" will appear to confirm correct 
code entry. Note: The game can not be saved when this code is in 
use. This car is normally unlocked by successfully completing all 
the special events with gold trophies.
* Phantom car:
Enter Flash as a name. The phrase "Cheat Activated" will appear to 
confirm correct code entry. The car will be available in Hot Pursuit
mode. Note: The game can not be saved when this code is in use. To 
use the Phantom car in tournament and special events mode, successfully 
complete all the tournaments with gold trophies. 
* Helicopter:
Enter Whirly as a name. The phrase "Cheat Activated" will appear to 
confirm correct code entry. The helicopter will be available in Test 
Drive mode. Note: Enabling this code will disable the option to save 
your game. To fly the helicopter without disabling the save option, 
successfully complete Hot Pursuit mode with the Lamborghini Diablo 
Cop Car.
* Police cars:
Enter NFS_PD as a name. All police cars will be unlocked in Hot 
Pursuit mode. Note: "_" indicates a space Bonus police cars: Complete
the Hot Pursuit with each type of police car to unlock a new car 
Chevy Caprice: Corvette, BMW M5: Porche 911, Porche 911: Lamborghini
Diablo, Lamborghini Diablo: Whirly the Helicopter). In the police mode
in hot pursuit mode, get ten cars within the time limit. You will be 
able to activate the "Super police cars mode" which gives you special
cars on hot pursuit.6. Drive any car in any tournament: Successfully 
complete all the tournaments. Additionally, select "Options" at the 
car select screen to choose upgraded opponents

* Dashboard view:
Press Start to load the race after selecting the game options, then 
immediately hold Up + Triangle + X before the loading screen appears.
Keep the buttons held until the loading screen disappears. A dashboard
will now appear in the in-car view. Remove race statistics 

New Cheat:
Submitted by:  Shazam-Meataxe![SAM]

After you launch Need for speed 3 you will see the loading screen, press
[Alt]+[Shift]+[Enter] then after the loading screen ends you'll see  a 
flashing little box on the bottom left corner of the screen clickon it 
the a big window apears on the top right corner of the screen in it you
will see all the cheats and it's result.
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