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Mortyr Cheats & Hints


Press ` to activate the console, then enter one of the following codes 
to activate the cheat function.

Code         Result
satan       - God Mode 
megaboss    - God Mode 
.jt #       - Jump to Level # 
allit       - All Weapons and Items
gimme all   - All Weapons and Items
.did        - Show framerate  
.diz        - Hide framerate

Level numbers:
Use one of the following entries with the .goto or .jt code. 
Note: Levels 20, 21, 25, 26, 27 and 42 lead to multi-player levels. 
Levels 36 through 40 are different versions of other levels in the 

Nummber    Level
41         First Steps 
01         Outer Citadel 
30         Through the Citadel 
10         Middle Castle 
33         In the Middle of the Castle 
11         The Cathedral 
34         The Darker Cathedral 
12         The Cemetary 
13         The High Castle 
14         The Castle Cathedral 
17         The Factory 
35         The Machine Park 
07         The Train Station 
08         U-Boat Bunker 
32         U-Boat Pen 
06         V2 Factory 
09         City Ruins 
24         The Duel 
15         The Time Machine 
02         The Future Time Machine 
28         Time Machine Facility 
05         Underground Channels 
31         The Sewers 
18         Kraftwerk 
03         Droid Factory 
19         Computing Center 
04         City in the Clouds 
16         The Spaceport 
29         Docking Bay 94 
23         The Flying Fortress 

Enable the satan code, then jump off a high building to die. Then, 
enable the .jt code to return to life with zero health. Enemies 
now cannot see you, even when you are shooting them.

Cheats Demoversion:
Effect                  Code 
Disable auto-aiming   - aim off  
Enable auto-aiming    - aim on  
God mode              - .prezes 
All weapons and items - .wp  
Level select          - .gt or .goto   
View frame rate       - .did  
Hide frame rate       - .diz
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