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Monster Hunter Cheats & Hints

Monster Hunter

Cheat Codes:
Type any of these into the castle selection screen. For some
to be accessable you might need "showmethemoney". 

Code             Effect
draculasucks   - 60 Dracula's Impossibly Hard Castle 
penultimate    - 52 Impossibly Hard Castle 
speedracer     - 42 Impossibly Hard Castle 
peoplemover    - 32 Impossibly Hard Castle 
transporter    - 22 Impossibly Hard Castle 
jumparound     - 12 Impossibly Hard Castle 
reapershmeaper - 45 Grim Reaper's Very Hard Castle 
booyah         - 42 Very Hard Castle 
polevault      - 32 Very Hard Castle 
livelarge      - 22 Very Hard Castle 
skipstone      - 12 Very Hard Castle 
killthewabbit  - 30 Warlock's Difficult Castle 
hopscotch      - 22 Difficult Castle 
leapfrog       - 12 Difficult Castle 
showmethemoney - permanent access to all castles 
burger         - toggles on start dead (one less life) 
showinfo       - toggles off info about monsters before each level.
actionjackson  - toggles off the frame-rate limiter.
                 (game and time runs very fast)

Submitted by: Nur Ferrahin 

This is for offline bigginers just like me too hahaha) In Monster
Hunter to get easy gold and wepon,play until u can kill a velocidrome.
I reccomend u to use bone blade the big long thingy and upgrade it to 
at least a bone blade+ i think if u can kill velocidrome u sure can 
kill velociprey. This is wat i do,i kill and made myself a full set of
veloci armour. and sell to get the armour that cost a lot of money (i 
don't think u can buy the full set yet), from there u keep killing 
velociprey and drome and if u kill a velocidrome, when it dies quickly 
loot anything from it before the body dissaper.sell wat u got and u will
get a lot of money to buy some more armour and now ur defence is good.
So with good defence,u can hunt for rare item at the difficult place 
to ethier earn money or upgrade ur weapons to complete other hard mission
my E-mail is
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