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Master of Orion 3 Cheats & Hints

Master of Orion 3

Cheat Codes:
Updates by: Aduh
Submitted by: conner54      

Hex Cheat:
Open your saved game file with a hex editor. Find the start offset of your game
name (empire name) in the file.
Add this offset + 27. This 4 byte equals the money. 
for example, your money is
(00) 00 00 d7 = $215
change into ->
(00) 0f 42 40 = $1,000,000
keep the left bit '(00)' unchanged.

Special messages:
Submitted by: Benzschwagel

Enter one of the following words in the search feature of the encyclopedia 
to view programmer messages and other special messages in the 
following topic titles: 

Bumper Stickers 
Feudal Sakkra Culture 
Feudal Sakkra Culture 2 
Give a man a fish... 
Haiku by Hans 
Kiss me, I'm Irish 
Light Bulbs: New, Old, and Silly 
MOO3 Underwear - Order Today! 
Rantz and the Mrrshans 
Special Thanks 
The Hitchhikers Guide to Orion 
The MMORPG We All Want 
The Rantz Song 
Wacky Credits! 
Welcome to the Forums

War rocks:
There are about fifty races and 500 possible names. However, if there is a 
Silicoid empire named Chanmmos it will declare war once every three turns like this:

Turn 1: Declare War
Turn 2: War
Turn 3: End War
Turn 1: Declare War
Turn 2: War
Turn 3: End War

Cheat Codes:
The following procedure will allow you to increase the number of race points you get
when customizing a race at the beginning of a game and requires a program such as 
WinZip or WinRAR. Open the "Common" folder in the game directory. 
Example: "c:\program files\infogrames interactive\master of orion 3\gamedatasets\
classic_01\gamedata\common". Make a back up of the "spreadsheets.mob" file. 

Open "spreadsheets.mob" with a .ZIP utility such as WinZip or WinRAR. Find and 
extract the "racemodifiers.txt" file from the list. Right click the unzipped file,
select "Properties", and uncheck the read only box. Open the file with a text editor.
Scroll down to the second table named "RacePickPoints". You will see a list of races 
followed by three columns. Avoid changing the first two columns, as they determine 
species and race. The third column is the number of pick points you originally have
to available during the customization of your race at the beginning of the game. 
Changing the value from whatever it is set at to 1000 gives you more than enough to
get whatever you want. After editing the values, save the file and recheck the read
only box under preferences. 

Create a folder titled "spreadsheets" where the "spreadsheets.mob" file is located,
and put the "racemodifiers.txt" there. You can now run the game and your changes 
will take effect. Also, certain races cannot have certain skill levels. For example,
Humans cannot have "Superior Toughness". 

You can however scroll down to "RaceToughness" in the "racemodifiers.txt" file and
replace the "X" in the Superior column, Human row with a value. 

Now during race customization, you can change "Human Toughness" to "Superior".
You can change any value in these tables.
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