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Linion RPG Cheats & Hints

Linion RPG

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

All spells:
Load the game called "undefined". Once on, right click then select "Rewind". Then,
create a game/ Choose the spells you wish to attack with. 

Note: Your name will be you and if you close the game screen you cannot get the 
spells unless you repeat the steps. When you die it is recommended that you rewind
the game.

Hint: Offensive spell:
Submitted by: Basil

Place a offensive spell in the spot that you normally have attack (spot1) to get
unlimited magic.

Hint: More health:
Submitted by: anibroto

Get more health without leveling up!: 

Step 1. You have to complete the story. 
Step 2. Go to the red lord and fight him. 
Step 3. Let him do his special attack and He wil give you more health!

Submitted by: Jaiden

When your in the arena click right next to where you put attack and you'll go to 
the next battle. You can do it aslong as you want till your up to the Arena Champion.

Submitted by: Joeyboy

Make sure your a high level for this (10-15 just fight the magic hat shop owner) 
then go to the save point and click "teleport" and go to the portal station. Now 
click on the guy on the far right and now you can teleport anywhere in the game.

Submitted by: Igabreil

Go to the website ( and get at at least lvl. 2. Then, save the game and 
reload the game. Then, instead of going to the saved profile, click on undefined and 
then click on the saved profile. Then U will B Able 2 get all spells. Oh, and if you 
put blast on slot 4 and flare on slot 3 and holy on slot 2, none of those spells will 
use any magic at all!

Submitted by: Christian Capshaw

When you first start go up the stairs toward the goblin traders shop when you go up 
hold both left and up arrow keys and your person will dissapear at the second tower 
hit the right arrow 2-3 times then hit down arrow once and you will be in there air 
walking around only works between the towers.

Attack dodge:
Submitted by: Matas

When battling arena champion.Before he does his special attack hold mouse on attack button 
wait...Pulls you into water.And just before the screen is normal again press attack and 
you will avoid the special attack!!!!
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