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Line Rider Cheats & Hints

Line Rider

Land all jumps:
Submitted by: RM

Go on to 2.0. Go on to the pencil with the arrows make a spiral/ If you do not
fall off, make a ramp. If you land this successfully, as you land you will hear
a noise. This means that you can land every jump and never fall off.

Head over heels on line:
Note: This only works with the later versions. with the eraser and the 
acceleration and scenery lines. Going at a high speed, click on the straight
line drawer, then click on the acceleration lines (the red color). Put the 
pointer at the end of where your character is going to be. Holding [Shift],
draw the line to the place where your character is going to be coming from.
Note: If you draw the line at a sharp angle, your character will crash. When
your character hits this line, which should be made somewhat long to make it
look better, he will go head over heels until he has corrected and running 
on the lines normally.

Hint: Zoom in and out at play:
Submitted by: andy

If you draw some lines, then zoom in or out. hold shift and press play it should
zoom in or out. (p.s: You need to be in the later vision with the straight lines,
pencil, eraser and the other stuff) hope you have fun!!

Submitted by: stephen20

If you press [Ctrl] then press play you can right while you ride.

Submitted by: cool cat

If you press c whilst you are playing the track, then it will stop and you can
see the rider when edditing.

Submitted by: tom

Zoom in with your magnifie glass and then hold ctrl then press play and now hold
down your left clicker whilst riding, u will be floating.

Submitted by: Duncan

If you hold c and click the flag a ghost line rider will appear instead of a 
flag. (this works in beta 2)

Fast track:
If you want a speedy track, click on the pencil that allows you to draw your
track. Click on the red. When you make your hill, you will go very fast.

Submitted by: chaos120

Play your track and hold down control. 
[this is not the 'you can draw while playing' cheat] then stop and then your
course is

Play your line rider track and press z. then it will zoom while playing. 
[this might only work on beta 2]

Submitted by: jonathon

When you click on your line rider man and type jump flip. and it jump flips.

Magnet lines:
Submitted by: people

First, when you make a ramp, when you go off of it, type l-i-n-e-s in the air and 
then stop the run, make a few lines, and restart the run, then when he hits the 
lines you made,you'll hear a beep and he'll stick to the lines!

Write backwards while playing!!!:
Submitted by: BOB

First make a line, second hold ctrl & shift then press play while holding ctrl & 
shift now draw lines (while holding ctrl & shift).

Loopie Loop:
Submitted by: Jordan

This will make your guy go in circles and never stop.draw a line not straight down
but angled down then when u think it will be fast anough draw a loop.the guy will 
hit the bottom and go in circles for ever.

Submitted by: Red

First you use your magnifying glass and make you track really small then press play 
while you are holding down shift and when you watch it, it will be small instead of 

Trampoline Line:
Submitted by: Tk

Draw a hill and a ramp. Once you have a ramp that your rider can easily jump, press ctrl 
and play. when your rider jumps, draw a line right under the rider and he will bounce off 
the track. If you do it multiple times, it will be like a row of trampolines.
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