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Liero - Assassin Edition Cheats & Hints

Liero - Assassin Edition

Submitted by: rickHH

Instant name:
To get a pre-written name, such as Gaurgul, Lozzi, Onyx, etc., 
clear the "Name" field in the player 1 or player 2 options. 
A name will be filled in. If you want to add another pre-saved 
name, use a text editor to modify the "names.dat" in the game 
folder and type in the name in the list. Note: Make a backup of 
the file before proceeding.

Fly through walls:
If you are stuck in a thin stone-walled "prison", such as in the 
Sokkelo level, walk to the wall, switch to the Vox. and shoot in 
the opposite direction from the wall. The recoil from the Vox will 
fire you through the wall. 

Catherine Wheel:
Try to stay above it. The small particles that the Wheel launches 
are still pulled by gravity. 

WeaponHack: Leave object trail Unknowns: 
The following informaiton is for WeaponHack, an add-on to LieroKit, 
which is an add-onto Liero. : At the end of the list you will see 
"12 -Unknown," "13 - Unknown," and "14 - Unknown." The first unknown 
is explosions (Hellraider-style); the second unknown is smoke 
(missile-style) and the third is nothing (cluster bomb style). 

Periscope effect with G Raider:
If your enemy is around the corner, fire a G Raider so that it will 
hit the ceiling and bounce back into the enemy. Even if you miss 
slightly, the bombs that the G Raider launches will get him.

WeaponHack: Most objects possible following projectile:
To get a steady, constant stream of explosions, pixels, or smoke, 
pick your object trail, then go to page 3 and switch the "Type Of 
Shot" to "4 - Laser type". This will create an incredible stream 
on your object trail.

Bullet shield:
When you are low on health, and your rival is tailing you, find a 
spot with a lot of space between floor and ceiling. Switch to Star 
Shell, and fire straight up. Bullets will rain down, creating a 
wall that your enemy cannot pass, even if he wanted to. 
Note: A disadvantage to this is that you also will not be able to 
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