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Knights of Legend Cheats & Hints

Knights of Legend

I will only touch on the first character. The rest of the
characters will simply begin at difference offsets.
This part is illustrated using Norton Utilities, you may
want to use other programs to do the same job.
Type in 'path:nu chardata' to start editing the character
file. I do not want to spoil the fun by revealing the exact 
details for the characters attributes, so I will simply touch
on how to get the quest from people if you cannot find the
right word to say. I careful player should have no problem in
finding the right word, so this portion is for those with some
Between file offsets 482, hex 1E2 to 487, hex 1E7 is 6 bytes
containing the status of your quests. The six bytes have a total
of 12 hexidecimal digits, so each corresponds to two quests as
there are a total of twenty four.

The meaning of the binary code used is as follows :

00	quest not yet given
01	quest given but not yet complete
10	quest complete but medal not yet given
11	medal given to quest

So what they actually do is to combine two of these to form
a hexidecimal digit.

Here are the conversion from hexidecimal to binary :

0000	0	1000	8
0001	1	1001	9
0010	2	1010	A
0011	3	1011	B
0100	4	1100	C
0101	5	1101	D
0110	6	1110	E
0111	7	1111	F

The position of the quests in the code correspond to that you see
in the medal display. So just locate the appropriate quest and do
the changes.

Do not attempt to set the quest to 10, ie completed, because
in that case the person who give you the quest won't reward you 
since you did not return with the quest item. So, at most set it
to 01 and go for the quest, completing it will reward you will
useful items or clues. If you set them to FFFFFF, then you in
fact have completed the game without fighting a single battle, but
then you will miss the end game slide show completely. And you 
won't have all the useful items when the next scenerio is added.
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