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Happyland X-Mas Adventure Cheats & Hints

Happyland X-Mas Adventure

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following passwords, then press [Enter] to activate
the cheat function. 

Result                                         Code 
To have invincibility from bad guys & spikes - haxe-canttouchme
To open Level Exit immediately               - haxe-opensesame
To hold up to 10 Happylanders at one time    - haxe-fullcapacity
To have unlimited time                       - haxe-splitseconds
To have no bad guys                          - haxe-gohomebaddie
No enemies                                   - haxegohomebaddie
Jump higher                                  - phlie-pvyutwtoo

Submitted by: Tim

You can collect these codes by collecting the magic speres 
(blue balls more like) in secret places in the missions. 
Here they come:

Mission 2: Dontturnaround
Mission 3: Yourkingandqueen
Mission 4: Maximilliandrake
Mission 5: Wheresthedamncat
Mission 6: Donteatyellowsnow
Mission 7: 
Mission 8:  Herecomesyuletide
Last mission: sackfullofpotatoes

other Levelcodes:
Level  1 - (No password needed)
Level  2 - (No password needed)
Level  3 - (No password needed)
Level  4 - dontturnaround
Level  5 - yourkingandqueen
Level  6 - maximilliandrake
Level  7 - wheresthedamncat
Level  8 - donteatyellowsnow
Level  9 - forestofblackoaks
Level 10 - (No password needed)
Level 11 - whydoyoubuildmeup
Level 12 - themanatetwosocks
Level 13 - (No password needed)
Level 14 - angrybearsaregreen
Level 15 - sackfullofpotatoes

Cheats & Levelcodes:
Submitted by: Lizard

Type these in the "Password"
PS: If you don't like the introduction, press "Esc"

Level Passwords:
Mighty Mountain 3: dontturnaround
Mighty Mountain 4: yourkingandqueen
Wicked Village 1 : maximilliandrake
Wicked Village 2 : wheresthedamncat
Wicked Village 3 : donteatyellowsnow
Hurry Up! Level  : forestofblackoaks
Manic Mines 1    : canyouseethemoon
Manic Mines 2    : herecomesyuletide
Manic Mines 3    : whydoyoubuildmeup
Manic Mines 4    : themanatetwosocks
Tops of Terror 1 : carsareoftenbigger
Tops of Terror 2 : angrybearsaregreen
Tops of Terror 3 : sackfullofpotatoes

Submitted by: rebecca harris

haxe-canttouchme - Go to the password on the x-mas one and type this in and 
press enter once you quit it goes away

You cant be killed by spikes when you have this on.

Fly cheat:
Submitted by: alison dawes

Phlie-pvyutwtoo - You can jump high without taking the green boot (tool for 
jumping higher). type the password and press enter.
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