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HamsterBall Cheats & Hints


Change goal times Hint:
Submitted by: Risca Mihai

Open "RaceData" with notepad and modify there the time and there
you go. (Create a backup copy of the file before proceeding).

Submitted by: obrinteschi radu 

I have found a cheat for HamsterBall 1 and 2,use hexeditor and edit 
TOURNAMENT.SAV,that file is in DATA folder.

Goto 0x80: and change it to
3E01  0000  0100  0001  2765  23E9 2734  0000.

If you'l do that you'l have maximum time.

Glass race Hint:
Submitted by: Joseph

In the Glass race the secret spot is behind the long tube.

All time trial races:
In v3.25, if you downloaded the game, there will be a "registration entries"
file named "all levels" in the installed folder. Double click that file to 
unlock all the races in Time Trial mode.

Secrets for hamsterball:
Submitted by: mike johnson

head to the tar pit and go to the behind of tar pit. tou will found the non-protected 
corner. head to that position

rookie, but not too rookie, because it's behind the 1st vacuum

head to the lamp bridge place, but don't continue, head to the corner that unprotected

behind the goal, but be careful, if you get in to goal, you will not found that secret

head to the long vacuum, go to the north that is the unprotected corner

in the giant magnifying glass, dont continue, go down, and turn a little. you will 
foun the spot

get to the catapult after the dawwgies, an head to the bridge. go straight to the bridge, 
and you will found the spot

get to the huge toob, but don't get in to that toob, head to the south with the spinning 
machine and you will found the spot
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