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Grand Theft Auto Cheats & Hints

Grand Theft Auto

Cheat Codes:
To use these cheats go to the character select 
screen and press DELETE or BACKSPACE, enter the 
desired code, then press ENTER. 

Code          Result
6031769       Unlimited life
itgallus      All levels and cities
nineinarow    All levels and cities
super well    All levels and cities
itsgallus     All levels all cities
iamthelaw     No police presence
stevesmates   No police presence
itcouldbeyou  999,999,999 points
suckmyrocket  All weapons, armor, and jail key
itstantrum    Unlimited lives
hate machine  10x multiplier bonus
% machine     10x multiplier bonus
buckfast      Press * on the numberpad for all weapons
porkcharsui   Game diagnostics
davesworld    you die a bad death

Drive the train:
Press [Ctrl] + [Enter] after entering the train.
Go to a train station and hop on a train. While onboard, 
press [Esc] [Ctrl] [Esc]. You can control the train with the cursor keys.

Armor cheat correction:
submitted by: j5

on gta 1.0 it's TURTOISE on 1.1 it's TORTOISE

Just for fun:
submitted by: j5

Get a good car in portland and reg it with the bomb.
Cruise with a car through town until you find the "bad blue boy", 
the ped that knows to steal the car. his face is black(brown) and 
wears blue tracksuite. drive close to him and activate the bomb. 
now, your choice: get out of the car and he will maybe enter it, but 
bomb wil explode if he enter OR stay in the car and he'll surely enter, 
but bomb sometimes fail to explode. have fun!

Hints !
Submitted by: SparkBoy

Get Tanks Quickly !
Take the First city, Second scene (Hiest All Mighty).
To get a tank without having to get an ambulance or 
patrol car, drive to the bridge in North Estoria. 
Now turn around and go just a little to the south, 
take the fist right (the car's right) and then the 
first right (again the first right). Stay on this 
road until you reach the north west coner of this 
road. Drive onto the boardwalk, go north first you'll 
see a couple of black boxes then farther north you'll 
stumble across the 2, (Yes!)the 2 army tanks.

Monster Bug !
In the city San Andreas, Level 1 (Mandarin Mayhem)go to 
Central Richman. In one of the driveways there will be a 
Monster Bug. Get in it and have fun! (Kill Frenzy for 2 

Walk Along The Train Track !
On Liberty city (doesn't matter which one) Hijack the train 
by pressing ctrl and press foward. Just after you have gone 
under the park you will go south (to a pick up point for 
one of the missions) Stop the train there and press enter. 
Hopefully you have done it right and you can get out of the 
train (If not try moving the train slighty) Once the train 
have gone you are free to walk on around as much as you want. 
It is especally good if you have a rocket lancher because you 
can fire into buildings with people underneath and the coppers 
can't get you!

Submitted by: Drikus

Ever wondered how to get that Car Impound open in San 
Andreas? Well here's how:
1.Choose the city Mandarin Mayhem
2.HiJack a car and follow the yellow arrow
3.When you get to the phones,pick the phone on the right 
of the four,like this:


So pick phone 4
4.Follow the yellow arrow again and pick the phone that's ringing
5.They will say Find A Police Car, In this case,don't find one just 
  do crime,and let ONE COP FACE appear at the top of the screen,then 
  let him bust you
6.You will now start at a police station,do crime again infront of 
  the police until ONE COP FACE appears at the top of the screen,
  wait for him,don't kill him.
7.when you see him run away from him,don't hijack a car or his car,
  just run away from him,keeping running until you and the cop are 
  far away is car,then let him bust you.
8.You will start at the Police Station again,and his car will be 
  near you and the cop is far away! then hijack his car,and drive 
  away,that's a easy cop car without cops on your ass!!!then follow 
  your yellow arrow to the Car Impound,drive through the gate.
9.hijack the car which the yellow arrow is pointing,drive it 
  infront of the gate,NOT OUT SIDE THE IMPOUND!just infront of 
  the gate,about 3 car lengts,then get out and guess what?The door 
  stays open!!!! only for this game :( but it's worth it,so if you 
  exit the city then enter it,the door will be closed.

Submitted by: jack c hendo
This is really funny if you have the right timing. 
Get a coach and hold everyone in it hostage, then 
drive of a drop with water below. Jump out just as 
the coach is qoing to fall and you will gey 
loooooooooooaaaaaaads of money and a lot of screams!

Submitted by: navid moody

Submitted by: Antonio
type your name as bstard to gain all weapons all 
levelsand unlimited ammo.

Extra Swearing

Press delete on any player's name and type in iamgarypenn
note 1
to disable swearing completley type 
iamnotgarypenn instead of iamgarypenn
note 2
it must be typed the way i have written it 
(without capitals or any spacing). 


 Bomb Shop 
When you start out on a level steal a car, but don't pick 
a big one or else the trick will be harder. Then keep 
searching for a garage door kinda thing that has an X 
coming out from it. Enter that place and your car will be 
rigged or in other words bombed. Then stop the car somewhere 
and press the FIRE button your car will be armed so get out 
of it within about five seconds or you will BLOW up! 
This trick is useful for jobs, killing and collecting money. 
You MUST have at least $5,000 dollors or you will not be able
to get your car rigged. 

Easy Tank 
On the first city, access the second scene (Heist All Mighty.) 
When you start, run somebody over and wait for the ambulance 
to arrive. When it does, nick it and drive to the army base, 
drive in and you can nick the tank.
This only works with an ambulance or a police car. 

Gang Leader 
Go up to a group of Gurangas, or the groups of people making 
noise and running around following each other. Now, don't shoot 
them, but instead beat up the person in the front. If you beat  
him up enough, they will start following you almost anywhere. 
It's a good way to get a guranga with a machine gun, flame 
thrower, or other high powered weapon of death. 

Train Hijacking 
At any train station, enter the train and press CTRL to gain 
control of that train. 

Walk in the Sewer 
From the starting location, in Liberty City, go north on the 
starting road past the park, all the way until you get to the  
Beast, then go north on that road, around the bend until you 
get to the next major 3-way intersection. Take an immediate 
left on that major road. Go over the bridge and take a right
on the road, heading north, immediately after it. Go past the 
Hospital and Police station, then take a left on that major 
road. Follow that road until you get to a 3-way intersection  
with a 6-lane road. It is the first sewer on YOUR right. Get 
out of your car and step on the curb next to the sewer, you 
should fall through. 
Once you fall in, you can't get out. Drive your car on it for 
a nasty surprise.

Submitted by: bsh
There are two easy ways to complete a rampages that you have to destroy cars.
The first way is to make a collection of the amount of the cars you need for 
the mission, you will have the problem of the cars disserpearing, if you go 
to 8-balls first and plant a bomb on the car it will stay where you leave it 
enabling you to make a collection of cars to blow up on the rampage.
The second way is to block a road next to the rampage with a bus
that also has a bomb planted on it, this enables you to leave the
bus and collect the rampage, once you have collected the rampage
and returned to the bus you should have collected some traffic
behind the bus. all that you have to do then is to destroy the
cars that have built up.
Hoola hoola

More money:
Steal a taxi cab and stop at a sidewalk. Wait for someone to call a taxi and take 
them to their destination to receive money. Repeat this to receive your desired pay 
from this job.

Go under fences:
Park a HGV next to a fence. Face the fence and press [Space] to crawl under the bus 
and then under the fence. Note: You can not get back out unless there is a opening 
or an HGV to use the same trick on. 

Go underground:
Go to the first train station after the park and get in the train. Keep going until 
you reach the part of the track where it goes underground. Stop the train and you 
should be able to get out. Then, quickly go to the back of the train and wait until 
it moves off. You may now walk underground. Note: You can only get back on top by 
finding the train track exit and following it to the station.

Kill all twelve boy scouts at once:
Find a group of the little orange boy scouts and stand in front of them so they will 
come over to you. Then, lead them to an electric train station. Lead them onto the 
tracks and run away quickly.

Jam up train:
When you start the first level, jump into the Bulldog and drive it over to the train 
station across the street. Drive it towards the tracks, then jump out as it hits the 
tracks. Run away before it explodes. If done correctly, the car should be blocking the 
tracks. When the train arrives, it will hit the car and become stuck. 
You cannot get into the train once it hits the car.

Police Helicopters:
Submitted by: Xuodin

When You Are Under Attack By Police Helicopter, You Can Destroy It With One Shot. 
Just Aim Above The Cockpit, In The Engine And Shoot With Any Sniper Rifle To Destroy It.

When You Have A Wanted Level (3 or more), And Under Attack By A Police Helicopter, You 
Can Destroy It With One Hit. You Just Fire On It With Any Sniper Rifle, But You Have To Aim 
At The Engine, Just Above The Cockpit. That Should Take Care Of Him. Stay Cool.
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