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Ginormo Sword Cheats & Hints

Ginormo Sword

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Blue  - vitality
Red   - strength
Green - intelligence
Pink  - luck

That random group of medieval characters gives you fruit and generally more
money than the trees.

Avatar / shrines
To get to the avatar, beat shrines, make sure trophy is on or you can't 
go to space

-Shrine of might - great wall
-100 gold, lol
-Turn off magic
-Shrine of endurance - pixie
-100 gold
-Only nin nin can kill her, keep her shots from hitting nin nin. 
-If you leave her health stays the same.
-Not sure exactly how she dies
-Nin nin attacks when standing on the pixie
-Shrine of knowledge - multiple slime
-No weapon needed, just walk on them, no reward
-Shrine of fate - find the real gold bag
-All others blow up
-Shrine of knowledge - ?

Just walk on them. I think once you smash them you are good. I also killed
the last one with just magic, granted it spawned another, but I am not sure
how to unlock this one. Maybe it is just killing them all.
Now you can walk off the world map into space. Cannot find outer space? 
Go to the right, hence all your magic shots going to the right when there
is nothing to hit on the screen

Until you have enough about 500 character levels across the board to easily 
beat those on 14. I prefer to kill the imps on 13 for money, they die quickly
and you don't have to worry about what type of sword you use like on 14 where
the enemies are random. Both areas work about the same because you generally 
get more money on 14, but it takes more time.

-Level 100 sword 1000 water 500 light, kills em in about 3 shots for the imps.
-Character levels a little less than 100 across the board
-If you do not have a strong weapon and high levels of strength and knowledge
 then go after the imps on 13 instead of the secret spot on 14 
-On 14 I used the energy blade with no jewels added so that I could defeat any
 baddie I encountered; this also encouraged me to upgrade my other levels 
 instead of just jewels like on my other weapons
-On 14 turn off your coin of bravery so that if you come across higher level 
 baddies that you have already beaten that you do not need to add to the library
 you don't have to waste your time on them or end up refreshing the game or try 
 and die

Do go after the top ones unless you have time, they take a while, but they often 
give you millions. Sometimes 30-40 minutes One bag was 28 million from seraph 
(top harpy) and one from ambrosia (top goblin) was 78 million. 
Now this may also be due to my luck of 160.

Vanargand (top werewolf) 88, 19, 26 million
Bermuda (top slime) gave me 55, 36, 79

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item.

Cup         : Defeat the False God.
Hyper Armor : Defeat a Gold Knight.
Star        : Defeat the Avatar.
Trophy      : Complete the shrine tests to turn your cup into a trophy.

Glitch: Indigo=Roger:
Submitted by: Utopia

First you must have access to the 'temple of the moon'. Next, right click and 
play. Repeat. You should be at a place with a black thing with white eyes & mouth
that's wearing a fedora. This is 'Indigo=Roger'. Click the heart button and he will
be your pet. He deals high damage with the knives he throws (though barely anything
against'the avatar').
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