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G-Force Cheats & Hints


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

CTRL-J  Selects Analog Joystick
ALT-J   Selects Switched joystick
CTRL-K  Selects Keyboard
CTRL-L  Selects Mouse

CTRL-Z  Calibrate Analog Joystick
Z       Center Joystick

E       Engine On/Off
=       Throttle Up
-       Throttle Down
+       Full Power
1,2..0  Direct Control

'       Left
.       Right

+       Trim Up
-       Trim Down
*       0 Pitch Trim

L       Landing Gear
W       Wheel Brakes
B       Air Brakes
CTRL-E  Emergency Eject
BKSPA   Select Weapons
Return  Select Target
Space   Fire Sec. Weapon
A       Autostabilizer
;       Cycle Waypoint
/       Cycle Radar Range

F       Drop Flares
C       Drop Chaff

Joystick, Mouse, or arrow keys

N       Engine Noise
Q       All Noise

F8      Forward
F5      Forward W/O Display
F7      Forward Left
F9      Forward Right
F4      Left
F6      Right
F2      Rear
F1      Rear Left
F3      Rear Right

V       Outside View
M       Missle View
J       Enemy View
O       Control Tower

CTRL-D  Debrief
P       Pause
X       Fast Time

CTRL-A  Advanced
CTRL-S  Simple

Get more items out of trash cans and chests:
After hitting a trash can or chest to get items out of it, if the lid closes
you may hit the same trashcan or chest repeatedly until the lid remains 
completely open. Each time you hit the same trashcan, more items will appear
for you to collect, such as ammo, health, etc.

Finding items:
Get all the items from every trashcan, chest, or box you find, especially the
SaberSense Chips. The more SaberSense Chips you have, the more you can build 
them up to buy health, ammo, weapons, and upgrades from the Kiosks. Also, 
collecting ammo is helpful. Mooch can be useful; let him scour the areas for
SaberSense Chips.

Saving ammunition:
Always use the Electro Whip as much as possible on enemies. Save your weapons
for enemies that are at further distances. Some flying enemies are difficult 
to hit with the electro whip. You can hit flying enemies with the electro whip
if you are skilled in using it. If you must use weapons, use them sparingly.

Easy wins:
* Do not hide from enemies. Instead, use the electro whip on them. You can also 
  do this with your weapons, but be lenient and try your best to conserve as much
  ammo as possible.

* Use the Nanohacker when in tight situations. When you use the Nanohacker on an 
  enemy, it will start to attack other enemies. They will retaliate, creating a 
  temporary diversion that you can use to plan out your attack.
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