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FsPassengers Cheats & Hints


Get new aircraft for free:
Submitted b y: RM

If you want to buy a certain aircraft, but don't have enough money for
it then here's what you have to do: 

* Open your Flight Simulator main folder.
* Go to the folder called "Aircraft".
* Locate the aircraft you want to buy and enter it's folder.
* Open a file named "aircraft.cfg" - you can open it in your favourite editor.
* Locate a row called "empty weight" and write down its value.
* Change the value for "0", 
  so the row looks exactly like this:  
  empty_weight = 0 // (pounds).
* Save the file.
* Open FS, start FSPassengers and buy the aircraft for $0 - or even better. 
  Buy it for -$10,000 and earn $10k extra cash in addition to the aircraft.
* Open the "aircraft.cfg" file again. 
* Change the "empty_weight" value BACK to what it was before editing.
* Save the file.

Extra money:
Decided to go through with the hardest setting yesterday and commenced to
do some research and buy me a cheap plane. I opted to spend most of my 
500,000 dollar budget on cheap planes, figuring they have the potential to
make me fleet bonus and I stumbled on a cheat. If you manage to find planes
going for around 20,000 bones (Caranedo is good for this for some reason), 
then buy the plane and without exiting comoany manager, sell it right back.
I've made about ten grand per flip and the beauty of it is if you dont exit
the manager, you can do it as many times with the same plane as you want.
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