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Finders Keepers Cheats & Hints

Finders Keepers

Submitted  by: David K

Bombs Away!:
If you've grabbed something heavy and not worth very much, just click on
the bomb bag to the right of your boat to blow it up so you don't have 
to wait. The number on the bag tells you how many bombs you have left.

Kitty Cannon:
Your cat Goldie can really help you out - click on him when the cannon 
appears on the boat and he'll blast obstacles out of your path!

Item purchases and general hints:
Submitted by: Kay

* If funds are low, do not purchase the Spinach - it does not speed up your 
  pulling power enough to make a difference to your total - or the Speed 
  Engine - all it does is move the boat side to side a little faster. 

* Always purchase bombs whenever you have the funds. They are not always 
  offered and you can never have enough bombs, to get rid of enemies/ 
  obstacles, to free the animals in the later rounds and to clear the rope
  of unwanted items. It is not worth purchasing the Armor until the third 
  round - there are no pirates or other marauding attackers until then.

* Goldie's cannon is usually a useful purchase, especially on rounds with 
  large rock obstacles, but you may not get more than one chance to use it
  so buy it when it's cheap. The clock (extra time on then next round) is 
  a good purchase too.

* Snare the puffer fish or bomb them when they are deflated - if you grab 
  or hit them when they're inflated they will destroy everything in their 
  vicinity, including treasures and fish. If there are several inflated 
  they will start a chain reaction which can destroy everything of value
  in the round.

* When your obstacles include large rocks, snare them and immediately 
  bomb them - they usually block a clear path to higher value treasures.
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