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Fallen Sword Cheats & Hints

Fallen Sword

How to make fsp:
Go to the market with 100k and buy a fsp then go to the auction house
and buy something that is cheaper than the regular price and sell it
the regular price and keep doing this untill you have enough.

Fast Levels:
In the browser based game Fallen Swords it's extremely hard to level
up and takes countless hours just to level up 1 or 2 levels. Now there
is an extremely easy way around this. If you already have the gold 
disregaurd the part about buying Fallen Sword Points.

1.Use 5USD and buy yourself 25 Fallen Sword Points. (FSP's)
2.Go to the market and sell all of your 25 FSP's for 100,000 Each 
  This will be accomplished EXTREMELY fast, hence the high demand of
  them. You will end up with 2,500,000 Gold you must do this next 
  step quickly before other players kill you because if they see 
  that you have 2,500,000 gold on you they will all go for you at once.
3.Go to the Auction House and go to "Special" Tab. Look threw that 
  section until you find a "Suprime Potion of Doubleing" put down 
  800,000 for each one that you find. Chances are you will win the
4.Once the auction is won a "Green" text will be on the lower left 
  cornor, click it and then get your potions.
5.Use the potions this will give you a buff level of 450. This is great
  because a buff level of 50 gives you (2X exp) 100 gives you (3X exp) 
  200 gives you (4X exp) etc...etc... so forth and so on. So you will be
  actualy getting close to 8X more exp from monsters and you will level 

Fast Gold or FSP:
-Buy an item on AH (Auction House).
-Wait for 1-30 minutes for item.
-Retreive item from mailbox.
-Go back to AH (Auction House).
-Sell the item for more than the price you bought it for.
-Get more money.

-If you bought it with FSP then sell it for FSP not gold.
-Don`t sell it for too much more or else no one will buy it.
-Practice selling it for one gold more or 1 FSP more then when you are
 more experienced you can start selling for 40 gold more or 4 FSP more.
-Do not do this all the time ~ chances are there are going to be more 
 cheaper prices and the same item.
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