- Fab Fashion Game Cheats and Hints

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Fab Fashion Cheats & Hints

Fab Fashion

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Go in your fab fashion folder, find a file called state.scene open it 
with Note Pad or something like that . Now find player 1 money and 
change your money to the number you want . I suggest to not put too 
many numbers. It won't unlock everything but at last you may upgrade 
what you already have also buy new clothes and bottles.

Hints, Tips and Tricks:
- If you don't get expert in a level, Don't worry too much about it. 
After you get much more better equipment, Like the most upgraded machines,
You can revisit the level that you couldn't get the expert level and you 
will be using the more advanced equipment that you already have. I'm sure
that you will get an expert level with much ease.

- Use the record player to continue your 'streaks'. It gets confusing but 
it's worth the awards to get up to 100 items in a row. When you get 
confused as to where you are, use going to the record player as time to 
take a look around and keep going.

* This is the pattern that I used to get the 100 awards, I had even scored 
more than 200 chain actions using this method.

1) First wait for three models (If you are really fast, two models should be 
   sufficient too)
2) Get the mesurements of the three models (Two, for fast pace).
3) Very quickly, send the first models' clothes for cutting. Then click on 
   the sewing machine(s) twice and click on the model.
4) If you need to make the accessories for the model, make them now. Then 
   collect them and hand them to the model.
5) Take measurements of the new arriving model. 6) Repeat 3 to 5.

You get the idea. Meanwhile, if you need to style the model's hair, you can 
select the robot and then the model while doing the sewing.
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