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F-22 Lightning 3 Cheats & Hints

F-22 Lightning 3

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Anowmyns
Update by: Adarsh

While playing, press [Ctrl]+Enter, then enter any of the following
(in all lowercase letters). Press Enter to activate the cheat.

Code                      Result
black oil               - Refuel
fight the future        - Replenish Ammo
ghostpit                - Invisible plane
i want to believe       - No Crashes
the truth is out there  - Unlimited Ammo
this isnt happening     - Repair Damage
trust no one            - God mode
i am the one            - Unlimited Health
patsux                  - Blank radar

Using The gbu32 (1000lbs) bomb:
From: kumayl hassan

While using the gbu32(1000lbs) bomb you should be flying low close to the
ground target you have locked and also the throttle should be around 32 
or 34 i.e, you should be flying at a low speed otherwise the radar message
"DROP" will never appear. 
However this is not the case with gbu32 (2000lbs) bomb.  

Cow mission:
Select campaign 4, mission 7. Take off, then change your heading to 212 
degrees. Arm the JDAM while flying in that direction and repeatedly press
[Tab] until a target identified as Norman 1, 2, 3, or 4 is locked on. 
Such a target is a cow, which can be bombed. 

* Because the F-22 Raptor employs LOST (low observable stealth technology),
  it's always a good idea to reduce the RCS (radar cross section) of the 
  aircraft as much as possible. Most of the time, you should fly with your
  radar turned off while maintaining a cruising speed of around 400 to 500
  mph (approximately 90 percent thrust). 

* Refrain from carrying ordnance on your aircraft's external hardpoints. 
  Weaponry mounted underneath your wings will increase the RCS of the air-
  craft, making it much easier for enemy radar installations to track your

* Your wingman is particularly adept at taking out SAM (surface-to-air missile)
  batteries. For that reason alone, you should let your wingman concentrate on
  the destruction of any SAM sites within the objective area while you eliminate
  any radar installations.

Submitted by SHANKAR C

Press [Ctrl] + enter when the game is running and enter patsux and your radar
will go blank displaying only the word patsux.
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