- Escape From Rhetundo Island Game Cheats and Hints

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Escape From Rhetundo Island Cheats & Hints

Escape From Rhetundo Island

Level 1:
This one is a real peace of cake. Just click on the eye thingy 
to drop the bridge.

Level 2:
A bomb comes down and makes a crater. Meanwhile, your little dude 
gets a boom box. It's not so much into music, as in giving him a 
"special jump move." Click on the "special move" (right side, box 
with a little guy jumping) and wait until he is near the end of the 
cliff. Once there, click on the little guy. He'll fly and land on 
the other side and you will go to level 3.

Level 3:
Wait until the rotating arms are about to come level with the ground. 
Press the stop light so it becomes green, and your guy will pass. Now, 
let's work on that lift platform. You have to time it carefully, if you 
raise it too fast he will fall of and if you're to slow he will turn 
around before reaching the end and again, fall. Little practice and 
your on the level 4.

Level 4:
After picking up boom box, a guy will fall down the cliff. You will have 
to catch him with the roller thingy and transport him to the other side. 
Now, click on the special move explode when he steps on the 2nd white part
which catapuls him up. 

Level 5:
Clean your mouse, here things are going fast. Lower the platform, and wait
until guy steps on the pole.Click the opposite one to raise it, grab 
platform and raise it, get the special item board and drop it to create 
a bridge. 

Level 6:
Kill bottom man with explosive item. Drop box item on upper man. Click on 
house. Click the white circle thing to jump up. Then, just fall down where
arrow points (to level 7).

Level 7:
Just follow the instructions on the picture. Use more tacticts if you want
to get an extra life (gold thing on the left side).

Level 8:
as soon as man gets box to drop, drop it between him and scissors. When 
scissors have dropped off end, and face blows bubble gum platform, use 
your jump to get over box

Level 9:
Again, fast work required. Start with the platforms you can drop to create 
a bridge. Use boxes for last part (may require two).

Level 10:
When the guy reaches the end turn him around, jump on the platform, get the 
bomb box and use it to fall down where the arrow points.

Level 11:
Your guy will fall on the right side of the screen, turn around and go left.
When he climbes up the stairs, he has to go through the series of flames. 
Use your mouse to move the flames.
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