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Earthworm Jim Cheats & Hints

Earthworm Jim

Cheat Codes:
Update by Nick Bullar

You can type these codes during the game:

Code                    Result
HATMAN                - Stick figure (Jim changes into hatman)
IDDQD + IDKFA         - Various credits
THREEMILEISLAND       - Full life
ITSAWONDERFUL         - Extra life
ONANDONANDON          - Full continues
POPQUIZHOTSHOT        - Full ammo
ROMARIO               - 1st 7 levels
BLOATED               - Afro
FESTERING             - Red afro
PULSATING             - Novalty glasses
PUSFILLED             - Antenna
SLAUGHTERHOUSE        - Access to first 5 levels on the file menu
SWEATY                - Makes Jim have big lips
MALFORMED             - Makes Jim have glasses
SLUGFORABUTT          - Makes Jim have an arrow thorugh his 
                        head and a weird face                                  
APOLLO 13             - Gives you 9 rockets!

You will hear Jim call you a 'Cheater' when you type in the code

Ending sequences:
* Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty setting to view 
  a long text about worms. Successfully complete the game under the normal 
  or difficult setting to display an animation in which Jim meets Princess.
  After the credits complete, another animation will play.

* In the ending sequence under the difficult difficulty setting, Jim will go
  on about how you are the best and that the company cares about you.

* Note: Play track 23 of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear hear the
  speech about worms for the easy difficulty setting ending. Notice that Jim 
  knocks you for playing on "practice" mode, however this is a mistake as it 
  is "easy" mode, not "practice" mode. Play track 27 to Earthworm Jim praising
  you from the ending for the difficult difficulty setting. 

Sheep noises:
Sometimes while walking, you will hear a sheep and see some swirling lights. 
This means that part of the level has changed. Backtrack to find extra health
power-ups or ammunition.
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