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Dungeon Siege 2 Cheats & Hints

Dungeon Siege 2

Cheat Codes:
Update by: p4l4d1n_234
Update by: Belánszky Noel
Submitted by: conner54

While playing a game, press [Enter] and type [Plus] followed by one of the
following codes to activate the cheat function.

To disable a code, type [Minus] followed by the code

Code                  Result
+bushsux-oluaowr    - teleport
+iraqsux-eszaryz    - silver ring
+luvtana-aeviyaa    - silver ring + weapon + garment
+krisrox-lzjlcoj    - less chunky
+superchunky        - more chunky
+quwhba             - instant kill
+drlife             - All party tag is one "god"
-drlife             - vulnerability
+movie              - record a movie
-movie              - stop recording
+version            - display version
+quwhba             - Insant kill
+opnauticus         - Ring of knowledge
+twilightzone       - Activate teleporters

Dungeon Siege II GlitchesTwo-handed weapon exploit:
Submitted by:

Conflict between two-handed weapon and offhand equipment is ignored when you 
are in spell-casting mode instead of melee attack mode. Therefore two-handed 
weapons can be equiped together with either a shield or a single-hand weapon 
(at least until it is patched).

Equip a two-handed weapon together with a shield:
1. Equip a shield, leave your main hand empty
2. Select a spell instead of melee attack as your action
3. Equip a two-handed weapon onto your main hand

Equip a two-handed weapon together with a single-hand weapon:
Submitted by:

1. Equip two single-hand weapon onto both hands
2. Select a spell instead of melee attack as your action
3. Remove the single-hand weapon from your main hand, then equip a 
   two-handed weapon onto the main hand

If you wield a two-handed weapon together with a single-hand weapon, 
you will still be able to initiate Dual-Wield powers such as Wave of 
Force and Elemental Rage, and at the same time you still benefit from 
the two-handed weapon skills, such as the chance to stun bonus.

Submitted by: --= Eagle =-- 

Sometimes there are a strange thing: a people is present in chat room but when 
someone creates the host for playing you don't see him... There are only one 
working solution - go to Windows Control Panel, open Network Connections and 
disable all connections except your LAN connection. 
Now you can start game and all will be ok.

Act I: Secondary Quests - A Family Heirloom puzzle
Use the following trick if you are having trouble figuring out the riddle to the 
statue that Master Thestrin sends you to in the Azunite Desert. When the options 
of the spirits appear, click on the third one. It will then disappear, leaving 
three more options. This is the correct order: third, first, second. 
After that, the door behind the statue will open up and you have to fight a very 
tough mage Boss; make sure you are prepared for the battle.

Veteran mode:
Successfully complete the game on the merchant difficulty setting to unlock 
the veteran difficulty setting.

Elite mode:
Successfully complete the game on the veteran difficulty setting to unlock 
the elite difficulty setting.

Act III: Secondary Quests: The Lost Jewels of Seranith:
This secondary quest sends you on a mission to find the two rings of Seranith; 
Gold, and Silver. It is initiated by talking to Kavarre the Explorer in the 
Tavern of Kalrathia. After you open the North Gate and keep heading that way,
you will reach a teleporter. Go east the only way you can until you find the 
ruins. Once in there, you will reach the first of the two light puzzles. You 
must first choose a Pillar and it will allow every other pillar connected to 
it via the paths on the floor to be used. The trick is making sure that each 
time you choose a pillar you are going to have another one to select until 
all the lights are on. The first is easy, but the second is more difficult. 
The solution is as follows: 

                       P 6th            P 1st
                                                                      P 2nd
                                 P 4th                                 12th  
                                                      P 3rd            P 
13th                     P = Pillar
                        R = Reset Statue
                        # = Order

                                    P 8th            P 10th           P 11th

After this is completed, go to the new doorway and get your second ring. Then, 
return to Kavarre back at the Tavern to get your Amulet. It turns out to be 
Soranith's Amulet. Required Chr. Lvl 32: +15 Intelligence +15% Mana Regeneration
+15% Death Resistance.

Submitted by: james king

If you type in + cretrent your characters will all reach level 150 and all your 
stsats for combat magic,natural magic, melee and range.

City of Darthrul:
This is an easy way to pass it without having to go through all those doors you
must have a combat mage in your party and the spell grave beam because grave beam
shoots through walls so just go to the thing of the lance and Kill the guy with 
the orange ring around him. 

Beating It:
A known glitch of the game is when during Act 1 you meet the Azunite Scholar and 
he clears you a path to proceed to the Kithraya Caverns. Sometime when you speak 
to him he will simply repeat his dialogue over and over and not clear the path 
for you. To counter this just make sure you have cleared the area of enemies and
if he still doesnt do what he is supposed to just head off and do some side quests
and things and come back. He should then proceed as normal.

Pets are one of the most interesting and useful additions in Dungeon Siege 2. To 
get the best from your pets you must feed them items and have them grow to maturity.
Pets gain different bonuses depending on what you feed them:

Ranged weapons        - big dex bonus
Ranged armor          - big def bonus + small dex bonus
Melee weapons         - big str bonus
Melee armor           - big def bouns + small str bonus
Mage weapons & spells - big int bonus
Mage armor            - big def monu + small int bonus

Ensure that what you feed your pet corresponds to the type of fighter they are.
Also remember that Unique, Legendary and Purple Items give higher bonuses and will
grow your pet faster.

Submitted by: juan

Says +superstatus and you characte will all been 150 all and damage too.
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