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Dungeon Lords Cheats & Hints

Dungeon Lords

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Attack Guide:
To execute a forward combo, press W to move forward when starting a series 
of attacks. This is most effective when facing a single opponent. 
To execute a left/right combo, press A or D to move left or right when you 
start a series of attacks. This is effective against multiple opponents. 
To execute a chop combo, press S to move back when starting a series of attacks.

Evasive Movements:
Backflip      - Away and Jump.
Leap Sideways - Press Left or Right and Space.
Forward Roll  - Click Forward two times.
Side Roll     - Click Left or Right two times.

Infinite cash:
You can earn an infinite amount of money the second you walk into Arindale. The 
only catches are that you have to be playing an Elf character, male or female, 
and you have to have at least 2000 Gold to start with. Walk into the Weapons 
Shop, and talk to the shopkeeper. Click through the talk options until you find 
the one that says "Treasures". Tell him you will pay him 2000 Gold for the sword. 
Close the talk dialog box, and open it back up. A new option will appear, right 
underneath Trade. Click this to recieve 500 Gold for returning the Elven Sword 
of Flames. The option is still there! You can click on it as many times as you 
want, to recieve 500 Gold each time you click. Voila! Infinite money! You can 
repeat this whole trick as many times as you want, because there is no limit 
to how long you can borrow the Elven Sword of Flames.

Infinite gold:
If you want to have infinite amount of gold you must have a scroll. When you walk 
into a shop you can sell the scroll but it's still in your inventory{you must sell 
your scrolls one by one NOT ALL AT ONCE}.Once a got 50000 gold, now that's cool. 

Easy money:
In the non patched version and non-CE version, go to a person where you can buy 
Nether magic things. Even if it says that there is one is in stock, buy ten at a 
time. Mix them together and wait until you get lots of summons and other things. 
Sell them, but do not sell the items needed to make the summons because it makes 
them go up in price

Stop coughing:
When a Slime shoots out the green gas, go into your inventory and stay there until 
you stop coughing.

Nether spells:
Beast             : Demon Horn, Dragon Tooth, Blood Nectre, Spider Yolk, Soul Stone. 
Berserk           : Mandrake Root, Putrid Flesh, Vulture Beak, Monster Eye. 
Blade Of Baal     : Monkey Paw, Diamond Dust, Blood Nectre, Brimstone Powder, Demon Horn.
Blinding Fog      : Brimstone Powder, Ochre Pollen, Sider Yolk, Bat Wing.
Bloodlust         : Vulture Beak, Black Orchid, Putrid Flesh.
Choking Cloud     : Orche Pollen, Grinnich Weed, Bat Wing.
Confusion         : Mandrake Root, Monkey Paw, Wyrm Gangre, Vulture Beak.
Dragon Claws      : Dragon Tooth, Scorpian Tail, Snake Skin, Borloth Horn, Diamond Dust.
Drain Life        : Diamond Dust, Demon Horn, Soul Stone, Dried Homonculous, Shruken Head.
Fear              : Bat Wing, Deadman Hair.
Gripping Vines    : Mordis Vine, BoneDust, Blood Nectre, Soul Stone.
Hate              : Monkey Paw, Mandrake Root, Shruken Head, Brimstone Powder, 
                    Vulture Beak, Monster Eye.
Pain Sting        : Scorpion Tail, Snake Skin.
Poison Cloud      : Ophelia Wort, Ochre Pollen, Bat Wing, Scorpion Tail.
Poison Touch      : Scorpion Tail, Spider Yoke, Opheila Wort.
Possession        : Mandrake Root, Demon Horn, Shrunken Head, Black Orchid, Soul Stone.
Sleep             : Ochre Pollen, Mandrake Root, Snake Skin, Grinnich Weed.
Slow Monsters     : Grinnich Weed, Mordis Vine.
Suffocating Cloud : Ochre Pollen, Bat Wing, Putrid Flesh, Borloth Horn, Monster Eye.
Summon Beast      : Bone Dust, Borloth Horn, Black Orchid, Wyrm Gangre.
Summon Giant      : Monster Eye, Bone Dust, Black Orchid, Borloth Horn, Vulture Beak.
Summon Guardian   : Bone Dust, Wolf Mane, Black Orchid, Mordis Vine, Dragon Tooth.
Summon Haunt      : Brimstone Powder, Deadman Hair, Raven Claw, Shruken Head.
Summon Rats       : Rat Tail, Bone Dust.
Summon Undead     : Bone Dust, Deadman Hair, Raven Claw.
Summon Wolves     : Wolf Mane, Bone Dust, Blood Nectre.
Weaken            : Grinnich Weed, Deadman Hair, Rat Tail

Use campfires as portals:
Note: This works with a non patched version. As you are about to get attacked, press 
[Shift] to enter the campfire. If done correctly you will be ported somewhere. The only
problem is that you do not know the destination. 
Saving the game before doing this is recommended.
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