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Diablo - Hellfire Cheats & Hints

Diablo - Hellfire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Thich hiep dam

to save game in multiplayer mode, you can copy file 
c:\windows\hrinfo_x.drv (x: 0,1,2,3,4....). But note: you 
will lost you character if you reinstall windows. You can 
rename any file c:\windows\hrinfo_x.drv to c:\windows\dlinfo_drv, 
your character will appear in multiplayer mode of DIABLO 
(note: before rename file, you sure that inventory of your character 
is empty, and character name not same any name in DIABLO)

Submitted by: Thich hiep dam

Are you want to wear armo,weapon or any thing at amulet area. 
Easily, if your version of hellfire has the cowboy (near cows), 
you will be received a amulet by him. But before that, you have 
to drop thing which you want wear at amulet area to ground. 
After all, wear the amulet and NEWGAME.

More money:
Fill all but one of the spaces in your inventory with 
items (such as health and mana potions). Place 1 gold 
piece in the remaining free square. Have 5,000 gold on 
the ground, ready to be picked up. Make sure your 
inventory is not displayed on the screen, then pick up 
the money. Your character will state that he or she can 
not carry any more. The 1 gold piece in your inventory 
should now be changed to 5,000, with the other gold 
remaining on the ground. Repeat this process to get 
as much gold as needed.

Bonus Quests and Character Class 
The following code requires the latest version of 
Diablo: Hellfire. It will not work on the original
To access some secret Easter eggs in Hellfire, create 
a text file called command.txt and place it in your 
Hellfire directory. Next, place the following line 
in command.txt:


You can get a new character,The Bard.

in the command.txt add: barbariantest it will add another 
new class, the barbarian. he reuses warrior artwork 
and has max strength of 270

This enables LAN and modem games, two new quests 
(Cow Quest and Theo Quest), and two new character classes:

The Bard reuses the Rogue's art, but can wield two weapons 
at once and has the Identify spell as her natural ability. 

Transfer Characters from Diablo 
To transfer your characters from Diablo to Hellfire, find 
your save file and change the extension to .HSV. For example, 
if your file is called RASSILON.SV then rename it to RASSILON.HSV.
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