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Descent 2 Cheats & Hints

Descent 2

Cheat Codes:
Enter the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding
cheat function. Note: Enabling cheat mode will reset your score to 0 
unless a new game is started or when the frame rate is displayed. 

Effect                             Code 	
All accessories                  - alifalafel 	
Fish-eye view                    - bittersweet
View John's head/Shrunken window - pigfarmer
Psycho Guide-Bot                 - gowingnut
Crash into robots with one hit   - godzilla
Level select (1-24)              - freespace
Homing weapons                   - lpnlizard
Invincibility                    - almighty
Creates/Replaces the Guide-Bot   - helpvishnu
Full Map                         - rockrgrl
God mode                         - zingermans
All weapons                      - eatangelos
All keys                         - currygoat
All keys                         - oralgroove or algroove
Level warp                       - whammazoom
Bouncing weapons                 - ericaanne
Display framerate                - frametime
Mechs destroy each other         - silkwing
1% shields and energy            - gabbagabbahey
Wowie Zowie weapons              - motherlode
Wowie Zowie weapons              - honestbob
Full map                         - joshuaakira
Bouncing weapons                 - duddaboo
Underwater appearing walls       - bittersweet
Shield at 27%                    - blueorb
Rapid fire                       - wildfire
Bosses do not shoot              - imagespace

Cheat Codes:
Type this code while playing: 

Code          Result 
ALIFALAFEL  - Accessoires (Afterburner, Ammo Rack, Headlights)
BITTERSWEET - Fisheye-effect. Looks quite interesting; sort of psychedelic.
PIGFARMER   - Hi John! / Bye John!
FREESPACE   - Warp to any level
GODZILLA    - Displays somewhat strange messages.
GOWINGNUT   - Guide Bot goes berserk!!
SPANIARD    - 1st time: It toasts any robot
              2nd time: the guidebot or Mini Bosses as well
              3rd time: destroys guide bot definitely
LPNLIZARD   - Gives all homing weapons

Cheat for descent2: (work in version 1.2 only)
honestbob  : all weapon
wildfire   : rapid fire
imagespace : robot firing off
silkwing   : rabid robots
duddaboo   :  bouncing weapons
oralgroove : all keys
blueorb    : give shield
delshiftb  : pass the level

Submitted by Daguer

Modify the save game:
Submitted by Rev Rob

Using a hex/binary disk editor

sector 11
don't alter until you have the items first of all, else 
it will crash.
bottom row page 1 = vulcan ammo
top 2 rows page 2 = missiles, mines etc.
right hand digits row 3(? or 4) score for extra lives

These are hex pairs usually 00 00 00 00
normally seen as            03 00 02 00

The high order pair is on the right and normally 00, so change these to
ff and you have nearly 65000 items.

The easiest way that I have found to locate these is to search using your
diskeditor. Beforehand though note all your ammo, rockets etc, then 
immediately save the game.

Use the hex convertor function from wincalc to convert your decimal numbers
to hex. Normally easiest to find the vulcan ammo as it will span 2 hex pairs, 
so lessening the chance of getting the wrong sector.

Submitted by: wayne

In game when you die you drop all your weapons yes? well when you die dont
respawn, instead try and drop all your weapons manually, if done correctly
you should have 2 copies of the same weapon :), great for co-ops.

Extra screen resolutions:
Start the game with the descent2 -superhires command line. 1024x768 and 
1280x1024 selections will appear on the screen resolutions menu. 

Kill robots:
Type spaniard during game play to kill all robots in the mine. Repeat this
code to kill the Boss robot (or Guide-Bot if no Boss is present). Repeat 
this code again to kill the Guide-Bot.
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