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Deer Hunter 4 Cheats & Hints

Deer Hunter 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Ron

press [F2] when your on the game then type in the 

Code           Result
dh4find      - Brings you to nearest animal
dh4nofear    - Animals are not afraid of you
dh4beacon    - Makes you irresistable to animals
dh4sightin   - Sights in your gun
dh4leadeye   - View follows the projectile
dh4water     - Makes it rain
dh4ice       - Makes it snow
dh4zeus      - Makes it lightning
dh4showme    - View deer on map
dh4f13       - More gore
dh4monster   - Large deer
dh4truck     - No clipping
dh4plague    - No animals
dh4damper    - No noise
dh4noon      - Force time of day to noon
dh4tracers   - View bullet paths
dh4climber   - Stops slope effect
dh4homegym   - Hunter never dies
dh4dry       - Clears all weather
dh4skyhook   - Flight mode
dh4deerwatch - Show info on nearest deer
dh4breakdown - Shows info on all
dh4vmwatch   - Show info on all Active View Models

Play as a Deer:
Create and name a hunter. Scroll through the hunters twice. 
On the second time through you will see two deer that can 
be selected.

Submitted by: rickHH

When playing online, don't shoot other hunters you'll get a 
five-minute penalty. 

You won't be penalized for using the most expensive weapons, 
so grab those high-caliber rifles and leave the bow and arrow
to the kids. 

The bleating sound of a call attracts buck in spades. Keep 
your eyes peeled. 

Turning down the tree density in the Options menu makes it 
easier to spot deer. 

Locate high areas to set up the tripod stand. 

Driving your truck around spooks the deer, so try to stay on
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