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Death Row Cheats & Hints

Death Row

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Reflex

To Write The Code Go Under "Clues2.

100 In All Stats: Ollie29 <--this is the code
Unlimited Money : Ness28  <--this is the code

Submitted by: RM

The clues are hidden in the following locations.

* First clue is under the mattress.
* Second is in the window.
* When you buy a proper toilet, the third is in the back part.
* Once you buy the mirror, 
* 5ht clue will be in one of the corners.
* 6th is under the desk, (when you buy it).
* 7th is in the plant.
* 8th is in the trash.

Extra energy and money:
First when the energy meter is 100% get him to work then when he says
"im going to bed"

1. Switch off the lights
2. Chose his favorite work ,click on it and then he says"its not funny"
3. Finally so let me explain what is the glitch,the prisinor is asleep so
   he's gaining energy and money.

Submitted by: Brianna

The final clue is hidden on the tv. Just click all over it.

Mood up FAST!:
Submitted by: STB

All you need to do to get hecter van deamons mood up fast is while he is asleep
turn the lights off then when he says "Thanks for turning the lights on" turn 
the lights on the keep on repeatedly turning the lights off and on. 
He will be at 100% soon!

Submitted by: Death Row

1st clue on the prison bars at top of room
2nd clue under the matress
3rd clue in the pot plant
4th clue under the rug when you buy it
5th clue on the side of the desk next to the bin
6th clue on the proper toilet flushing spot
7th clue on the left shelf of under the TV
8th clue is in the bin
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