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Build-a-lot Cheats & Hints


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Now, onto the big stuff. Really stuck on a level? Well, there is no difficulty
level setting, and it can get pretty hard. So here’s how to open up all the 
scenarios - don’t go around changing the score though - that isn’t what this 
is about.

1. Search for the file "buildalot.ini" - don’t forget to check “search system
   folders” and “search hidden files and folders” as well as “search subfolders”.
2. Double-click on the file and it should open up in a plain text editor 
   like notepad.
3. Find your profile name. That’s the name you gave the game when you boot
   it up. Mine’s Sally. You only have to change values after [User 0] and 
   before [User 1].
4. Now, look for “LevelStatus” followed by numbers. 0 means you haven’t 
   played it yet, 2 means you’ve passed, 3 means you experted it. Change 
   them all to 3.
5. Now look for “LevelNumPlays” and change all of those to 1’s. 
6. Change all the “CityGift”s to 1’s as well.
7. Change all the “CasualLevelStatus”s to 1’s.
8. Save the file.
9. Close everything and open the game. Now, when you click on the main screen,
   you should be able to access all the missions as well as all the casual 

Always flip your first house. It’ll give you enough startup funds to pay 
for materials and whatnot. In later scenarios, keep in mind that the most 
logical progression is: 

* Build a Sawmill 
* Spend $75k on materials 
* Build a workshop 
* Build a bank, set it to donate 
* Hire a worker if you have to, and build the most expensive house you can afford.
* upgrade the house to 2 stars if Rambler and mansion, 4 stars everything else if 
  you can afford it. NEVER sell anything at 3 stars. 
* flip it 
* Buy materials at the cheapest bulk rate 
* Hire some workers and build the most expensive houses you can
* upgrade those to 4 stars if you plan to keep them. Rent is proportional to the 
  money you spend on it by %. 

Bank Cheat:
After building a bank click on "Donate-On" button. This way you will prevent taxes.
Move the cursor & watch the bank meter fill up, when it almost touch the end click
on "Donate off" button then you will get the bank interests. After getting the money
repeat the process. You will have to do it fast otherwise you will have to pay the
tax. You will pay taxes, less than all time donate off option.
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