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Blood 2 - The Chosen Cheats & Hints

Blood 2 - The Chosen

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:Ea Ytsma

Press 'T' to Talk, then type:

Code                 Result
MPGOD              - god mode 
MPKFA              - all weapons and all ammo 
MPAMMO             - restore all ammo 
MPCLIP             - ghost mode, fly and no clip 
MPHEALTHY          - restores all health to 100 
MPWHEREAMI         - displays your coordinates 
MPBEEFCAKE         - increased power (more gore and blood) 
MPKILLEMALL        - kill all enemies on level 
MPSPEEDUP          - increases your speed (1...5) 
MPSTRONGER         - increases your strength (1...5) 
MPCALEB            - change your character model to caleb 
MPOPHELIA          - change your charcter model to ophelia 
MPISHMAEL          - change your character to model ishmael 
MPGABBY            - change your character model to gabriel 
MPTHEORB           - the orb 
MPLIFELEECH        - Life Leech 
MPGOBLE            - brian.l goble is a programming god 
MPTOTARO           - jim totaro is the man! 
MPGOSHOPPING       - gives all items 
MPNICENURSE        - gives +25 health 
MPVERYNICENURSE    - gives +300 health 
MPWARD             - gives ward (25 armour) 
MPNEWCROWARD       - gives newcroward (100 armour) 
MPCARBONFIBER      - gives willpower powerup 
MPTAKEOFFSHOES     - invisible 
MPHEREKERMUR       - gives triple damage powerup 
MPBERETTA          - Gives you the Beretta, do twice for dual weapon
MPSUBMACHINEGUN    - Gives you Submachinegun "
MPFLAREGUN         - Gives you Flaregun "
MPSHOTGUN          - Gives you Shotgun "
MPSNIPERRIFLE      - Gives you Sniper Rifle
MPHOWITZER         - Gives you Howitzer
MPNAPALMCANNON     - Gives you Napalm Cannon
MPSINGULARITY      - Gives you Singularity Generator
MPASSAULTRIFLE     - Gives you Assault Rifle
MPBUGBUSTER        - Gives you Bug buster
MPMINIGUN          - Gives you Minigun
MPLASERRIFLE       - Gives you Cobalco Laser Rifle
MPTESLACANNON      - Gives you Tesla Cannon
MPVOODOO           - Gives you Voodoo Doll
MPWARD             - Ward (25 armor)
MPBEANSOFFCOOLNESS - gives a nice selection of weapons with theirammo


MPFOLLOWME - change from 1st to 3rd person camera view when patched 
with patch 1.01 for retail version of blood 2

In the advanced options command line type: 
+enableretaillevels 1 - Activates All Levels in the Game

Infinite Ammo:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

When you have a weapon out, look towards the ground and press "Delete" 
on your keyboard. Now pick up the weapon before it jumps. You will get 
the weapon back and you will have loads more ammo. Keep doing this until
the ammo count has reached maximum.

*Note: If you have "Dual weapons", press "Delete" quickly twice and pick
the two guns up quickly as well!).

Seeing past doors:
If you are curious about what is behind a locked or closed door, use "The Eye"
to see behind it. Get close enough that when you drop "The Eye", you do not 
pick it up when dropping, but it disappears. Then look through "The Eye", and
you should be able to see what is behind the door. This may require few attempts.
Note: You may lose "The Eye" if you or the enemy destroys it. If that happens, 
you will be blinded for several seconds,

Long range targeting:
Use the following trick to hit targets at long range with accuracy without the
sniper rifle: You need the binoculars, and a gun with good shot accuracy, such
as the pistol. Use the binoculars and focus the center of the viewer [ + ] on 
the target. Then, disengage the binoculars and the crosshair should be centered
on the target. Fire away and you should hit. Note: The target should stay in 
one location or on your crosshair if moving forward.
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