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Black Tiger Cheats & Hints

Black Tiger

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

* It is possible to get the elephant on level 1 (hidden bonus in the
wall left of the only salesman on level 1) before touching the salesman
and entering the shop. If you succeed you can immediately buy the 1500 
zenny weapon even if you have been very unlucky harvesting zenny. 
Here's how: Shoot the snake on the pillar.

* Shoot the wall until the first section of wall opens. Don't open the 
second part of the wall with the elephant behind it yet.

* Move somewhat near the salesman on the platform and do a standing jump
to the right (that is, without touching the joystick jump, and then move
to the right in mid-air). You'll grab the green pillar in the correct 
position in order to jump to the left and pass between salesman and wall.

* Open the second wall section, get elephant, touch salesman.

NOTE: if you should fail you'd enter the shop and loose it.

* When you get to the end of a level, just before jumping up to the boss/
dragon/etc stand on the closest platform below and shoot skeletons until 
the time goes down to about 10 seconds. Then jump up and kill the boss - 
only the final dragon takes any length of time. In other words, use all 
the time before leaving the level! If you do this early on in level 1, 
you are able to afford the second weapon at the first shop; this makes 
level 2 considerably easier. Also, this allows you to finish the game 
with a 2 million+ score. If you just finish the level immediately you 
only get about 1.5Million. 
At the end of the levels with monsters - not dragons - just stand in front
of them and press jump and fire, don't move, and they will not touch you.
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