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Axis & Allies Cheats & Hints

Axis & Allies

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.
This is the game by Hasbro Interactive (1998).

Unlimited Lives:
Type "neverdie" at the main screen.

Extra IPCs:
Save the game during the "Collect Income" phase. Exit the game and reload,
and you will gain the income again. Repeat often to accumulate a large 
amount of money. 

Almost free units:
Click on "Options" after a game is started. Click "Edit Units" to adjust 
prices, defense score, offense score, locations, movement, etc.

CPU cheating:
When the CPU senses an overkill to a certain level, the message "Max 
History Log Full!" will appear. You have to reboot the CPU to continue.

Unlimited credits:
Using the time machine to teleport back to the weapons development page
at the beginning of your turn can let you get another chance to roll the
dice. If you go back enough times, the unit meter might say that you have
0, 4, or 7 credits. This means you now have infinite credits. 
Note: If it does not work after you go back nine or ten times, then it 
most likely will not work that turn; try again during the next turn.

Free items and strong men:
When you begin a new game, go to the options screen and select "Unit Edit".
Make anyone for any country as strong or as cheap as you want. The cost 
will never go down lower than one. When you start the game, go for weapon
upgrades and hope for industrial technology. This will make everything one
IPC fewer, making everything free. 

Powerful bomber:
Go to the weapons development screen and keep attempting to get new technology.
Keep trying until you get heavy bomber, jet power, and long range aircraft. 
Then, buy a few bombers. You will obtain powerful bombers with eight movement
points. Also, if you have "paratroopers" enabled, they can carry two infantry.
The eight movement point bonus allows these planes to fly almost everywhere on 
the map. Two at once infantry transport added with its range makes this plane 
a perfect way to start an assault from anywhere, to anywhere. This is a time 
consuming (and possibly IPC consuming) strategy, but worth the effort. To make
this less IPC consuming, start a game however desired. As soon as the game 
begins, save it. Play a few rounds. If you think you are in good shape and 
are getting the correct technologies, continue. If not, try again.

Free units:
* Allow your IPC (Industrial Production Certificate) supply to get over 250. 
  The game will sometimes give you free units. It will most commonly happen 
  when over 450, but still may happen at times if the total is between 251 
  and 449.

* Build so many units in the game until the IPC window freezes. The game 
  will give you free units the rest of the game.

* Go to "Options" then "Edit Unit". Set all units to the price of one IPC 
  then start the game. In the weapons development screen, get the Industrial
  Complex Development. Once you have it, everything is free, even if it says
  that it costs one IPC.

To get to Chat screen, press enter

Fieldpromotion5000 - 5000 EXP 
Rosieriveter       - instant building production 
VEday              - Automaticly Win Mission 
ISurrender         - Automaticly Lose Mission 
Swissbank          - +100 $$ 
Enigma             - no Fog of War
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