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Autocross Racing Cheats & Hints

Autocross Racing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: RM

In Game Hot Keys: Press one of the following keys during game play.

Key                    Effect
[F1]                 - Cycle through the 6 cameras.
[F2]                 - Cycle through the Tree detail levels.
[F3]                 - Toggle Oil Slicks On / Off.
[F4]                 - Toggle the Mini Map On / Off.
[F5]                 - Toggle Skidmarks On / Off.
[F6]                 - Reverse Joystick X axis.
[F7]                 - Swap Joystick Buttons.
[F12]                - Save Screenshot to the screenshots folder(.bmp file)
[Up]                 - Accelerate.
[Down]               - Brake / Reverse.
[Left]               - Turn Left.
[Right]              - Turn Right.
[Left CRTL] + [UP]   - Boost.
[Esc]                - In Game Menu.
[or]                 - Change Car
 To View.

The in game keys to control your car can be redefined on the Main Menu
Options Screen.

In Game Joystick Controls:
Accelerate       = Joystick Button 1
Brake / Reverse  = Joystick Button 2
Turn Left        = Joystick Left
Turn Right       = Joystick Right
Boost            = Every Second Press Of Joystick Button 1
In Game Menu     = Escape

Stop at the first pitstop marked PITSTOP, to repair any damage and replenish
your boost. Wait a short time until you get the GO! message. The first golden
rule to success in any racing game is to learn and memorize the tracks. This
will allow you to anticipate corners and thus take a faster line and an 
overall quicker lap time will result. Regular glances at the mini map will
also help to refresh your memory. If you keep finding yourself crashing or 
spinning off the track, you're going too fast. Don't worry about winning at
first. Instead, concentrate on staying on the track as much as possible and
memorizing the track as you go. Changing to one of the Auto Zoom Cameras and
or changing the Camera Height will give you a greater view of the track and 
should help to make driving easier.

The Mini map displays all the cars and there positions on track. The Red dot
is always the player car, the Green dot shows the first place car and the 
many Blue dots are the AI cars. If the Green Dot disapears from the mini map
the Player Car will be in the lead and in first place. This will also be 
shown on the Position display in the top right hand corner of the screen.
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