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Anno 1503 Cheats & Hints

Anno 1503

Price of the consumer goods change:
Submitted by: nightraider

Go into the Anno 1503 Folder and open  the DATA Folder.
There you find the file:  BGruppen.dat.

Open this file with any text editor.
Look now in the file after the section for the consumer goods.

Now you can change the prices for these goods freely as
desired.  It plays thereby no role, how highly you screw the price,
your village inhabitants it will pay and you to a positive balance
will thus help.

Easy money:
Use a text editor to edit the "bgruppen.dat" file in the "\1503 ad\data"
folder. Look for the following entries in the file...

Preis: 900
PreisLevel: 0,5,10

Change the price ("preis"), as already done, to "900" and your people 
will pay it. Obviously, other prices can be changed ("Salz" is salt, etc.), 
but be careful. Do not mark up something that you plan on importing.

Anno 1503 cheats:
Submitted by: Kaeihs Ebasz

The important thing here is that you follow what i am writing exactly.

1. Type in "Mastertag" when in an actual game to enable cheats, excluding the 
   speech tags. (may not work if your game is of a different version)
2. then enter one of the following combinations:

Ctrl + M - Money
Ctrl + T - Tools
Ctrl + H - Wood
Ctrl + Z - Stone

Alt + P - All building requirements lifted
Alt + N - Food
Alt + K - Clothing
Alt + W - Iron Ore
Alt + A - Alcohol
Alt + Z - Bricks
Alt + C - Cloth
Alt + L - Lamp Oil
Alt + R - Tabacco
Alt + G - Spice
Alt + F - Look up AI players.
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