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Achilles Cheats & Hints


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy kills:
To get instant kills on normal enemies, throw the spear at them
by walking towards them and attacking at the same time. I strongly
recommend doing this on spearmen, so you can get another spear.

Easy kills:
Submitted by: alan

To kill swordsmen easily, crouch down to block, and when they stand next
to you, kick them, then let them have it with your sword. Save your spears
for spearmen and bowmen.

Freeze Enemies:
Submitted by: flurgen

Hold the crouch button and kick the enemies leg to break it and the enemie 
will freeze. But when you attack him again he will unfreeze.

Code to level 5 boss:
Submitted by: Hell Taker

This is very hard but u have to have a spear try to plunge him it wont work
of it does it will take about 25% away so kick him and do it until he is dead
because he frezzes and when you kick about 5 out of 100% goes.

Fighting bowman:
Submitted by: trent

When you are fighting a bowman push s or the down arrow to block then after
the bowman fiers is arrow the move troords him then when is is obout to figher
agian do the same thing then move towords him again intell you are cloos inofeter 
to ous your sword or kick him that is if you through your spear earlyer.

Control+right arrow:
Submitted by: RAS 

If you hold control then press the right arrow key you win the whole game.
Make sure you push the right arrow key ,and only once.If you push it twice you 
will lose the whole game.Also make sure you are holding the control button the 
whole time.
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